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Dag writes a note on his eyelids to remind him of Norb's promise a year later.

Episode Summary

Norb and Dag race around the inside of their dam on bicycles with suction cup wheels, competing for a beaver treat called a Lickety Split. They crash into each other, causing the Lickety Split to go flying. As the two beavers fight over their treat, Norb offers to do whatever Dag wants for an entire day one year from now in exchange for the Lickety Split. Dag agrees, but he makes Norb give his Double Secret Solemn Beaver Promise that he'll keep his end the bargain; if Norb breaks this promise, he will be banished to the highest mountain in an itchy sweater. Norb agrees, believing that Dag's bad memory will likely cause him to forget.

One year later, Norb is horrified when Dag reminds him of his promise, having remembered it by writing "Norb Promised" on his transparent second eyelids. Norb tries to back out, but Dag reminds him of the consequences of breaking his promise, and he reluctantly agrees to do whatever Dag says. First, he must pick up all of Dag's things cheerfully. Then, Dag makes his brother swim 50 miles upstream. Afterward, Norb appears to eagerly await his next task, which unsettles Dag. He commands Norb to act like a farm animal, which Norb happily agrees to, using it as an opportunity to act like a goat and headbutt Dag repeatedly into the air. After Norb boasts that Dag will never beat him, Dag orders his brother to lose to him.

The two beavers race around their dam once more, for the prize of a large box of Lickety Splits. As they complete more and more laps, Dag repeatedly boasts about how Norb has to lose to him. As the beavers begin their final lap, the clock strikes midnight and Norb is free of his promise. As Norb catches up to his brother and the two race towards the box of Lickety Splits, they accidentally knock the box into the air. All of the Lickety Splits fall through their trapdoor and into the water except for one, which Norb and Dag are left fighting over once more.

Background Information

  • According to Norb, breaking a Super Solemn Beaver Promise results in being banished to the highest mountain wearing an itchy sweater. This could mean either two mountains: Mount McKinley, the highest mountain in North America, or Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world.

Production Information


  • "I'm a Believer" - The instrumental remixed version of the 1966 song by The Monkees is heard during the Daggett 500 suction-cup race and also when Norb and Dag are fighting over the last Lickety-Split at the end of the episode.


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