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Norb holding a bottle of Yahoo Soda

Yahoo Soda, Norb and Dag's favorite beverage, is shown frequently throughout the series.

New and Improved Yahoo[]

Keep out of reach of insects warning

The new and improved Yahoo is described by Dag as having a "great new taste and extra high-powered vita-stuff to help you grow". The bottle has a warning label with the words "Warning-- Keep out of reach of insects". [1]

Background Information[]

Drink Yahoo digital clock
  • Norb and Dag own a Drink Yahoo! digital clock, which is located in the living room.


  • Yahoo Soda also appears on fellow Nickelodeon animated series Hey Arnold.
  • It is likely Yahoo! is named after the chocolate drink Yoo-hoo, which is not a soda. The actual composition or flavor of Yahoo! is never revealed in the series.