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Wolffe D. Wolf is a gray wolf who is laid back and loses interest quickly. He does the exact opposite of his stereotypes (never howls, doesn't like to eat snowshoe hares, awake at day and asleep at night).

Physical Appearance[]

Wolffe is a periwinkle blue wolf with a lighter periwinkle underbelly, pale yellow eyes with black pupils, short black eyebrows, three sharp teeth sticking out from each side of his mouth, and a large pinkish-red nose. He has hair strands sticking out next to his ears and below his nose, as well as three spots on each side of his snout. His muzzle and the tip of his tail are white and the insides of his ears are pink.

In his spare time, he wears a lime green and pink bathrobe, gold rimmed sunglasses with lavender lenses, and a white towel wrapped like a turban on his head.


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  • He doesn't like the color green. [1]
  • His dad was made into an animal skin rug.


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