"We're Going Home" is a song performed by Norbert and Daggett in the episode "Deck Poops".


Norbert and Daggett: We're going home!
We're going home!
Back to the pond!
Back where we belong!
Norbert: Down the river
Daggett: Across the sea
Norbert and Daggett: Wait! Too far!
Back across the sea!

Norbert and Daggett: The beavers
Norbert: Return!
Daggett: Return!
Norbert and Daggett: Their dam in tow
With insect friends
Chained rats below
Yo ho, yo ho
Back to the pond
Back where we belong!

(Daggett keeps holding his last note after the song has ended)

Norbert: Dag.... DAG, IT'S OVER!!!
Daggett: Eh?
Rikki: Doh, I hate that cuckoo nutsy long-haired music!


BMI Work # 5139544

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