Norbert and Daggett decide to challenge one another to a game where the next person who speaks will receive a horrible pinching. The two then decide to try to trick one another into speaking, though their refusal to say anything soon causes them misfortune.

Episode Summary

Background Information

  • This episode reveals that there's hidden voice-controlled elevator in the bedroom, which leads to a large research room.
  • Clips from previous episodes were shown during a silent confrontation between Dag and Norb.

Production Information


  • La Cucaracha - The traditional Spanish language folk song was briefly played while Norb puts some hot sauce into Dag's bowl of oakmeal.
  • Patches - The 1970 country soul song was briefly played twice: 1) via a 8-track tape when Dag was trying to get Norbert to sing and 2) at the end of the episode when Norb and Dag are both pinching each other after they both lost the challenge.


"Pond Scum"
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