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Can't Sleep![]

Location: Ext. The Forest - 7:15 PM (April 20, 1996)[]

(It's sundown in the forest. It's also very peaceful outside, with then gentle sound of a flowing river, the hooting of owls, and also there's falling leaves flowing down the river and fireflies are out. The camera pans slowly over to Norb and Dag's newly furnished dam as the sounds of Daggett gargling from brushing his teeth is heard. Norbert and Daggett are getting ready for bed.)

Norbert: Goodnight, Daggett...

Daggett: Goodnight, Norby! See ya in the morning!

(The lights shut off as Norb and Dag head to sleep.)

Location: Int. Norb and Dag's Bedroom - 7:30 PM[]

(The scene fades to thirty minutes later, as the camera pans over to Norb and Dag sleeping in their bed, which is two kayaks on each other forming a bunk bed for them. Norbert is sleeping on the bottom bunk, and Daggett is sleeping on the top bunk. Dag is having trouble sleeping and tossing and turning in bed, waking Norb up for a second, but he decides to think nothing of it and head back to sleep. Dag on the other hand, is having much difficulty sleeping, tossing and turning in his bed, thus waking Norb up again. As he's moving around, he makes different noises such as grunting and whistling. He throws his pillow off, thus waking Norb up completely.)

Norbert: (annoyed) Dag...will ya quit moving around so much?

Daggett: I'm sorry, Norb! But I can't help it! I'm not sleepy yet!

Norbert: Well neither am I but you don't see me bouncing around all over the place.

Daggett: Okay sorry! Jeez!

(Daggett lies back in bed, his feet dangling off his bunk. Norb lies back down and starts to ponder to himself for a few seconds. Then, he starts grinning)

Norbert: Hey, Dag...If we're not tired...Why are we in bed?

Daggett: Well...the sun went down and Mom always made us go to bed when the sun went down.

Norbert: Oh yeah that's right. But Dag and correct me if I'm wrong we don't live with mom anymore, do we?

Daggett: No, we're on our own...duh!

Norbert: (getting excited) So theoretically we shouldn't have to go to bed until we want to, right?

Daggett: Uh...well...yeah I guess so...

Norbert: (climbs to Dag's bunk, now excited) So what you're saying is we can stay up until eight, or nine, or even ten o'clock if we wanted to!

Daggett: Yeah, but I don't-

Norbert: Or we could even stay up all night! Great idea, Dag! Come on, let's go! Woo!

(Norbert runs out of the bedroom and through the hallway laughing excitedly at the idea. Dag still sits on the bed.)

Daggett: idea?

Norbert: Hahaha! Woohoo!

Up All Night[]

Location: Int. Norb and Dag's Living Room - 7:35 PM[]

(It's now 7:35 PM, as it says on a clock in the living room. The clock is a sign that says "Drink Yahoo!," which is obviously and advertisement for a drink called Yahoo. Daggett heads downstairs slowly as he sees Norbert jumping on the couch, still excited from the idea of staying up all night.)

Norbert: Dag! This is gonna be the best night ever!

(Daggett then heads over to the couch as Norb stops jumping for a second.)

Norbert: Just you and me staying up all night doing whatever we want...

Daggett: Yeah...that sounds great...

Norbert: Well come on...what are you waiting for?

More will be added later...

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