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Realizing that, since they don't live with their parents anymore, they no longer need to go to bed early, Dag and Norb try to stay up all night. At first, they have fun doing so, but the lack of sleep causes problems. The end has them realize that because their clock was unplugged, they stayed up so long that the environment in which they live has become a futuristic city.

Episode Summary

It is nighttime in the dam. Norb and Dag wish each other goodnight, but Dag is having difficulty sleeping due to not being tired. Norb asks why they are trying to fall asleep if they are not tired; Dag replies that their mother always made them go to bed when the sun went down. Norb reminds him that since they no longer live with their parents, they can stay up as late as they want to, possibly even staying up all night.

They start the night at 7:35 by jumping on their couch, holding a contest to see who can jump the highest. Norb warns Dag not to jump too high, but Dag ignores his warning and is zapped by an overhead light fixture. After this, Dag is ready to return to bed, but Norb convinces him to stay up a little longer to do what their parents would never let them: prank phone calls. After demonstrating the proper technique to Dag, Norb dials a number for his brother to prank. It turns out to be their mother, who chastises him for staying up past his bedtime.

After eating stuffed jalapeños and watching an old B movie titled The Crawling Spleen, the two begin to head off to bed. Looking at the clock which reads 9:37, Norb realizes that the night is still young; he and Dag decide to stay up the whole night despite showing obvious signs of exhaustion. To prove their awakeness to each other, they compete against each other in various physical activities including tether-ball and a half-hearted pillow fight. Suddenly they hear a strange sound coming from the kitchen, one that sounds identical to the crawling spleen from the movie they had just watched. Wearing improvised armor made from things in their closet, they rush into the kitchen to try to attack it. Norb realizes the sound is coming from the sink, and the true culprit is revealed: a water droplet dripping onto a sponge.

The two exhausted beavers sit on their couch and laugh at their silliness. Seeing that the clock reads 10:34, they resolve to stay up even later. Suddenly, Dag notices that their clock is unplugged from the wall. Running outside, the two are greeted by a futuristic landscape and realize that they have stayed up many years into the future. A horrified Norb asks Dag how long they have been awake, and they both faint.

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  • The Angry Beavers: The Best of Vol, 1
  • Nickelodeon Rewind, Volume 1

Background Information

Production Information

  • This episode, along with "Born to Be Beavers", aired on TeenNick October 7, 2011 during U Pick with Stick.
  • A sequel to this episode aired almost two years later.


  • At the end of the episode, when Norb and Dag faint in shock when the realize they have been awake many years into the future, the sound effect that plays during the sequence comes from a 1995 Hanna Barbera closing logo, most notably featured after every short in "The What A Cartoon Show".
  • The B-movie The Crawling Spleen is a spoof of the 1963 American science fiction horror film The Crawling Hand.


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