"Turn the Other Way", performed by Daggett and Norbert Beaver, is the song from the episode "Stare and Stare Alike!".


Daggett: If I know that we're through,
since I threw up on you.
What can I do to make you see?

Norbert: Get out of my head!

Daggett: The roller coaster was long,
My stomach was not strong,
as you sat beside me.

I should have turned the other way,
There's nothing more I can say.

Both: If I had turned the other way,
you'd still be with me today.

It isn't easy when your stomach is queasy,
to tell someone how you feel.

Norbert: I guess it's too late when you look at your date,
and she's wearing your meal.

Daggett: For the love of Mike Gerard's overbuilt truck--stop! It's like a bagful of cats gargling razor blades.


BMI Work # 4929294

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