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Norbert Beaver[]

Norbert and Truckee are usually on good terms with each other. Their relationship is the exact opposite of Daggett and Truckee's where unlike their aggressive and hateful relationship, Norbert and Truckee are seen not minding each other and get along quite well. In "Pack Your Dags", as Norbert looks at the framed photo of him and Daggett, he lists off all the people he’ll miss if they move away with Truckee being one of them. In "It's a Spootiful Life", Truckee compliments Norbert's film Citizen Norb along with all their other friends.

However they can be enemies sometimes. This is prominent in "Tree of Hearts", where Treeflower has a temporary romantic interest in Truckee which makes Norbert very upset. He also refers to him as "spoothead" at one point in the episode. It's also shown in "The Posei-Dam Adventure" where at the end of the episode, Truckee steals all of Norbert's belongings because all of Daggett's belongings were nailed down to prevent him from stealing. In "Pass It On!", Norbert (along with Treeflower) get irritated with Truckee for changing the subject of the campfire story they were telling causing Truckee to reluctantly get back on track. A smaller example of this is "Enter the Daggett", where it was revealed that Norbert paid Truckee a dollar not to fight Daggett.

Perhaps the biggest example of them being enemies is in "Blacktop Beavers", where Truckee challenges him and Daggett to race to the World's Largest Pile of Toenail Clippings with the catch that if they lose they end up becoming his hood ornament. The brothers spend the entire episode trying to beat him, but unfortunately lose and end up being Truckee's hood ornament.

Daggett Beaver[]

Big Renee[]

Despite being a truck, Truckee has an immense love for Big Renee, to the point where he considers it "the only woman for him" and also kissing its tires.