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"Truck's Song Part 1" is the first part of the song "Big Renee - Truckee's Ballad" from the episode "Blacktop Beavers". Sung from the perspective of Big Renee, it recounts the story of when Truckee raced Norbert and Daggett to the World's Largest Pile of Toenails.

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Big Renee: Oh, my name's Big Renee and I'm a truck. Make fun of my name, and I'll grind you to muck. Now, this here's a story that legends are made of about three men who rode an old-fashioned faceoff.

Singers: Faceoff!

Big Renee: Now the pointy haired guy and the squirrely one, they were about twenty miles outside of Abilene. Now they were going to see the largest pile of toenails that the world has ever seen, 'cause they could. Now this here's where I come into the tale. When they pulled up behind me, I was moving like a snail. Well, they didn't take too kindly to this. They was rushing for the truck stop to take a... The bossman signaled them to pass, so they cut out left and stepped on the gas. Squirrely guy didn't like the joke, so he got on the CB and gave us a poke. "You pea-brained spoothead!" he yelled at the bossman, so the boss decided to give the brakes a good old foot slam.

Singers: Foot slam!

Big Renee: And as we left behind those ornery weasels, we set off to Phylo's to get us some diesel. Thought that was the last time we'd see them bootlicks, then they showed up with a bone to pick.

(imitating Norb): "Listen here, Spoothead, we'll take you on!"
(imitating Dag): "You're just a bully and your truck looks real bad!"

Big Renee: That's what he said. Well, the squirrely one he wasn't too good at rhyming, but the boss got the hint. He challenged them to a race because his pride was bent.

Singers: Pride bent!

Big Renee: Well, the beavers said yes and they revved up their ride. That humongous pile of toenails would be the finish line. Now the winner, he'd get the bragging rights over this here argument. The loser? Well, he'd have to be the winner's brand new hood ornament.

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