The Angry Beavers Wiki

"So you'll know the door to my heart's always open"
-Treeflower to Norbert in "Bummer of Love"

"Your teeth look so dangerous... (seductively) Can I touch them?"
-Treeflower's first lines in the series, admiring Norbert's long teeth in "Long in the Teeth"

"Oooohh... (aroused) ...Norby... (swooning for him) You're so cool... (cuddles next to him) You're giving me chills..."
-Treeflower to Norbert in "Long in the Teeth"

"You know, no matter what happens, Norb...I'll always be your friend.”"
-Treeflower to Norbert in "Tree of Hearts"

"Very impressive. (giggles)"
-Treeflower to Norbert in "It's a Spootiful Life"

-Treeflower yelling at Daggett in "Long in the Teeth"

"Norby! It's so good to see you!"
-Treeflower in "Tree of Hearts"

"Sure thing, snookums~"
-Treeflower in "Tree of Hearts"

-Treeflower angry with Norbert in “Muscular Beaver 4

"Norbert...I'm scared..."
-Treeflower in "Bummer of Love"

"Come on, Norby…do it for me~"
-Treeflower convincing Norbert to go along with Daggett’s shenanigans in “Muscular Beaver 3

"(tearing up) I'm not a bad person...I‘m just misunderstood…"
-Treeflower's final lines of the series in "Dagski and Norb"