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Norbert Beaver[]

NorbFlower in "Bummer of Love"

Norbert and Treeflower's first few moments together

She and Norb are boyfriend and girlfriend and first met in the episode "Bummer of Love." They spend their first moments together sharing a romantic moment by eating stuffed jalapeños and watching the fireworks and also singing a song titled "I Think I Like You," which was performed by her band The Friendly Chartreuse Bubblegum Machine. Norbert convinces them that they should go on stage and they would enter by swimming to the concert so they don't get noticed by security. Once they get on stage, Treeflower becomes worried and Norbert reassures her, and then she gives him a doorstop as a reminder that the door to her heart is always open for him, followed by a kiss on the cheek that lasts an entire three seconds. Norbert then announces the band to everyone, which everyone cheers for. A few hours later, after playing music for the concert, Treeflower gives Norbert a flower and kisses him on the cheek once more. The next morning, Treeflower leaves and left Norbert a note talking about how she really enjoyed meeting him the day before and how she hopes to see him again.

NorbFlower in "Long in the Teeth"

Norbert and Treeflower flirting

There have been many instances throughout the series where Treeflower has expressed her romantic feelings towards Norbert, as she praises Norbert's film Citizen Norb in "It's a Spootiful Life" and even flutters her eyelashes to him. Additionally, in "A Little Dad'll Do You" when Norbert's father Leonard asks him if they're together, she starts blushing. In "Muscular Beaver 5", when everyone is celebrating Daggett retiring as Muscular Beaver, she and Norbert start romantically dancing together. In "Pack Your Dags", she and all of his friends get him a strobe light, pogo stick, and slot cars as presents from them. In the episode "Long in the Teeth", Norbert starts growing his teeth to be long, which Treeflower notices and admires. She asks if she could touch them, to which Norbert allows. Treeflower then starts rubbing Norbert's teeth gently, becoming aroused and saying he gives her "chills."

According to series creator Mitch Schauer, she and Norbert are in fact an official couple. Furthermore, in his idea for a possible revival series titled Angry Beavers: ReSpooted, she would be Norbert's wife and have two daughters with him named Lily and Petunia Beaver.



Treeflower's former love for Truckee

In the episode "Tree of Hearts," she has a short lived crush on Truckee, which broke Norb's heart and during the course of the episode, he and Daggett try getting her back with Norb. Their first attempt is to lure Truckee away while Norbert simply ignores her. Then their second attempt is to try to make Treeflower jealous by making a fake girlfriend out of junk for Norb. Then their final attempt is to have Norbert imitate Truckee, which Treeflower finds out that it's him almost instantly and becomes upset with him. Then after Truckee comes back he tells her that he never loved her and instead only loves his truck, which makes her start to cry because she was so foolish. Norbert apologizes for everything that happened, which Treeflower forgives him and admits that she was kind of jealous of Tina. And then she says to Norbert that despite what will happen, they will always be friends, which Norbert gladly agrees. However, her romantic feelings for Norbert rekindled shortly after.

After this episode, Treeflower doesn't interact with Truckee much. The only other notable interaction they've had is in "Pass It On!", where her and Norbert get upset for Truckee for changing the subject during a campfire story. It is unknown what Treeflower thinks of Truckee nowadays, but she most likely sees him as a semi-friend.

Daggett Beaver[]


Treeflower nursing Daggett

Dag tends to annoy her sometimes or come off as weird, such as in "Bummer of Love" when upon meeting Daggett she says he's "something else" to which Norbert replies that he "still doesn't know what."

However, he is also her friend. In "Muscular Beaver 3", she saves Dag from falling to his doom, but Norb takes it the wrong way. She that she was just helping Dag by playing along with his Muscular Beaver fantasy so that he wouldn't hurt himself in the woods. In "It's a Spootiful Life", after seeing a photo of Daggett posing with sailors she jokingly calls him "cute."

In fact in a production bible for the series, Treeflower is described as being somewhat of an "older sister" figure to Daggett.


But despite them being friends, there have been moments where Treeflower has seen Daggett in an unpleasant light. In the episode "Pack Your Dags," she and all of Norbert and Daggett's friends gave Dag tape, cardboard, and change of address cards in an attempt to get him to leave. Not only that, but she and the rest of their friends also lock Daggett out of the dam at the end of the episode. In the episode "Long in the Teeth", around the end of the episode when Daggett keeps the other forest animals awake from being noisy, she along with all the other forest animals angrily yell at him to shut up. In the episode "Pass It On!", she makes a snarky remark at Daggett for not being able to come up with a good idea for a campfire story. In "Muscular Beaver 5", once Daggett retires as Muscular Beaver, he gives her his Cape of Limited Visibility, much to her annoyance. In "It's A Spootiful Life", she and everyone else show no sign of caring when Daggett says he's gonna run away and instead give him an uninterested stare.


Treeflower doesn't socialize with Bing often, but she has been shown to care for him. In "Nice & Lonely", she is one of many people to be part of the crowd that supports Bing, also wearing a t-shirt with Bing’'s face on it. However she has also been shown to not always find him pleasant to be around. In "The Bing That Wouldn't Leave", she along with lots of other people immediately run away from Bing during a “Pass the Bing Party" (one of multiple attempts of Norbert and Daggett to ditch Bing due to how clingy he is). Despite his clinginess, Treeflower still sees Bing as her friend.

Leonard Beaver[]

NorbFlower in “A Little Dad’ll Do You”

Treeflower first physically saw Leonard in “A Little Dad’ll Do You”. He opened the door for her and invited her in, which she explains to him that she was bringing Norbert a music cassette. During this interaction, she seemed to not mind Leonard and did not seem to find him annoying unlike Norbert did. After this, she never was seen with Leonard again, but we can assume that they’re on good terms. It is also worth noting that Treeflower seemed to have already known who Leonard was in that episode, since she immediately knew who exactly he was upon him opening the door. This is most likely due to Norbert telling her about Leonard prior to the episode.