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Treeflower is Norbert's girlfriend and future wife, whom he met at an outdoor concert.[1][5] She is also the future mother of Lily and Petunia Beaver.[5]

Physical Appearance[]

Treeflower is a female American beaver who has orange fur with a tan stomach, light blue eyes, a purple nose, a bluish gray tail, and wears white and pink flower earrings (was originally white and green flower earrings). She has a very unique hairstyle just like Norbert, with her commonly varying it up as the plot demands or for certain jobs.

In her first official appearance, she wore a brown headband, a brown fringed vest, a necklace with a peace sign charm, spectacles, and her tail was tied-dyed.[1]

Her elevator music composer outfit is a mint green dress and jacket with a pink scarf and black pumps. [7]

Her snowboarding outfit is a mint green headband with a pink flower, a pair of pink and white framed snow goggles, a mint green and white snowsuit with pink cuffs, a magenta and pink belt with a pink flower, and pink boots. [8]

Her firefighter outfit is a firefighter hat with a white-and-green flower painted on it, an over-sized firefighter coat, and black boots. [9]

In "Pass It On!", Treeflower's clothes changes throughout the episode: a black-and-red flannel shirt, a cowgirl, a police officer, a Native American, and an airplane pilot.


Treeflower has a kind personality, and is usually very nice to everyone she socializes with. She also is a very busy person, since a common running gag in the first three seasons is that she usually has a variety of jobs in most of her appearances. Despite her many jobs throughout the series, she has always kept her kindness and loving attitude towards everyone and everything.

Treeflower kissing Norb

Treeflower kissing Norbert

She is also affectionate to those that she loves. One example is in "Bummer of Love," when she gives Norbert a doorstop as a reminder that "the door to her heart will always be open for him" before giving him a three second kiss on the cheek. Hours later after the concert is over, she gives him a flower and another three second kiss on the cheek. This was also shown in the very short lived crush she had on Truckee, in which she called him "Snookums" at one point.

She is also very sensitive, which is prominent in "Tree of Hearts" when after finding out Truckee never liked her back and only cared about his truck, she starts crying because of how foolish she was. This is also shown in "Bummer of Love," in which once her and her band and Norbert get on stage to perform, she expresses her stage fright to her boyfriend before being comforted by him. This is most prominent in "Muscular Beaver 4", where she gets really upset at Norbert calling her his "sidekick" simply because she is a woman, to the point of being offended and angry at him and even calling him a "loser" out of anger. Fortunately, they made up around the end of the episode.


Treeflower's seductive side showing

She also has a more seductive side to her, which has always been directed towards Norbert. This is most prominent in "Long in the Teeth," in which she finds Norbert's long incisors to be very attractive and even asks him if she can rub them, to which Norbert (being the good boyfriend that he is) allows her to do this. She then proceeds to rub his front teeth and becomes aroused by him and his overgrown incisors, with her saying that he gives her "chills." Her seductive side was also shown in "Muscular Beaver 3," in which she tries convincing her boyfriend to go along with Daggett's delusional alter ego Muscular Beaver by seducing him, which eventually makes Norbert reluctantly agree to join. A smaller example of her seductive side to Norbert is in "It's a Spootiful Life", in which she compliments his film "Citizen Norb" before seductively fluttering her eyelashes to her boyfriend.

She, though not to the same extent as Norbert, can also be snarky sometimes. This is shown in the episode "Pass It On!," in which she makes a snarky remark at Daggett for not being able to come up with a good idea to continue Norbert, her, and their friends' campfire story.


Throughout the first three seasons of the series, Treeflower has had a habit of changing occupations. The last time this happened was in “Pass It On!”. She’s has a total of eight jobs throughout the series, and is implied to have had more.

  • Hippie (“Bummer of Love”)
  • Elevator music composer (“Tree of Hearts”)
  • Superhero (“Muscular Beaver 3”)
  • Spearfisher (“A Little Dad’ll Do You”)
  • Firewoman (“A Little Dad’ll Do You”)
  • Cowgirl (“Pass It On!”)
  • Policewoman (“Pass It On!”)
  • Military (“Pass It On!”)
  • Other implied jobs (“Practical Jerks”)


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  • Treeflower's doorbell is Iron Butterfly's song "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida". [10]
  • According to Mitch Schauer, in his idea for the possible revival titled The Angry Beavers: ReSpooted, she would rejoin her band The Friendly Chartreuse Bubblegum Machine, would be married to Norbert, and have two daughters with him named Lily and Petunia Beaver.[5]
  • In "Practical Jerks", Norb tries calling Treeflower because he believes it is she who has been pranking them. She isn't home, but her answering service says "Treeflower is off on another exciting adventure where she'll change her career and personality one more time."
    • Despite this, Treeflower has never once changed her personality regardless of exactly what job she has.
  • In her first two appearances, she did not have flower earrings. Starting with "Bummer of Love," she has had them.
    • Starting with "Pass It On!", she's has pink and yellow flower earrings instead of green and white earrings.
  • In the credits for "Long in the Teeth," she was credited simply as "Girl Beaver."
  • She commonly refers to Norbert as "Norby," which is her affectionate nickname for him. This started in "Long in the Teeth."
    • She's only referred to him as "Norbert" twice in the entire series, both of which were in "Bummer of Love".
  • Despite her and Norbert being boyfriend and girlfriend during the events of the series, they were never shown kissing on the lips. The only thing close to that was Treeflower kissing Norbert on the cheek twice during "Bummer of Love."
  • According to Michael Q. Cebellos, she was originally only intended for "Long in the Teeth." However due to the creators liking her character, she was redesigned and given a second appearance in "The Bing That Wouldn't Leave" (with her early design) and a proper introduction in "Bummer of Love."
    • Additionally according to Mario D'Anna, there are model sheets of Treeflower from her debut episode.
  • She, just like Norbert, mispronounces words on purpose sometimes. An example of this is in "Muscular Beaver 3."
    • She also makes up words like Norbert as well, as shown in "Bummer of Love."
  • She is the first female character to have a scene of her in-person speaking. Furthermore, she is the first female Norbert socializes with.
    • Rose Beaver was the first female character to appear and the first female character to speak in the series, but not in the same episode.
    • Toluca Lake was the first female character to speak on screen, but it was only during a movie.
    • In "Born to Be Beavers", during the scene where Norbert temporarily resides in the Hen House, he addresses all of the hens as "ladies." So technically, Treeflower is the first female beaver that Norbert socializes with.
  • Her voice is slightly higher in her debut appearance than in the rest of her appearances.
  • Starting with "Bummer of Love," her nose is slightly rounder than it originally was.
  • According to Michael Q. Cebellos, her design was modeled after Norbert and Rose.
  • Strangely enough, her name was not mentioned once in "Long in the Teeth."
    • This is because the episode was produced before the creators came up with a name for her.
  • Her name is the Russian dub of the series is "Semitsvetik".


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