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In this sequel to "Bummer of Love" and prequel to "Long in the Teeth", Treeflower has the hots for Truckee, much to Norb's dismay.

Episode Summary[]


Norb receives a letter in the mail from Treeflower telling him that she is coming to visit. When she arrives, Norb answers the door dressed as a hippy to find Treeflower dressed in a business suit. She tells him that she left her band to become an elevator music composer, and has also met someone new: Truckee the shrew. She soon leaves to help him wax his fenders. Norb is heartbroken, but Dag resolves to help his brother win Treeflower back.

Dag lures Truckee into a roadside stand and sends him airborne with a bunch of balloons. In order to get Treeflower's attention, Norb first tries ignoring her. Though this appears to work at first, she only asks him if he's seen Truckee and leaves when he says he hasn't. Truckee soon escapes from the balloons and fights Dag. Norb then decides to try and make Treeflower jealous, and Dag builds a fake girlfriend puppet that he names Tina. However, Treeflower is not jealous at all, comparing Norb's new relationship to Truckee and herself. Finally, Norb decides to act like a truck driving shrew in the hopes of catching Treeflower's eye.

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Dag stops Truckee at an inspection stop and traps him in the back of his trailer. Norb pulls up in the truck disguised as a shrew, but Treeflower sees through his disguise and asks why he would ever try to trick her as a friend. At that moment Truckee escapes from the back of his trailer. Treeflower embraces him and asks if their date is still on. A confused Truckee explains that he only needed someone to help him wax his fenders, and that there's only one woman for him: his truck, Big Renee. As he pulls away, Dag bites on to one of his tires, causing himself to blow up like a balloon and be carried down the road. Treeflower begins to cry, unable to believe how foolish she was. Norb confesses that he thought he could win her back by dressing up as a shrew or by making her jealous of a puppet, to which Treeflower admits that she was somewhat jealous of Tina. They agree that no matter what happens between them, they will always be friends.

Norb returns home to find Dag sitting on the couch with one of Truckee's tires still in his mouth. He asks Norb if Treeflower dumped him again. Though Norb denies it, Dag asserts he was dumped once again and the two get into another argument over it. Outside, Tina is seen cuddling with Stump.

Production Information[]

  • The original script for this episode was made public on June 30, 2023. The original script can be found here.[1]
  • This episode was in production on April 18, 1997 and had it's voice recording session on May 8, 1997.
  • There are several deleted scenes from the script that never made it into the finished episode.
    • There was more dialogue between Norbert and Daggett about Daggett eating all the Instant Wood.
    • There was originally supposed to be a flashback to "Bummer of Love" when Norbert was getting ready.
    • There was a scene of Truckee and Daggett having a confrontation before Treeflower arrived.
    • Treeflower had a deleted line during the scene of Norbert ignoring her.
    • There was a deleted scene of Daggett making a fake detour sign for Truckee to get lost in the North Pole, much like he tried to do with Stump in "Guess Who's Stumping to Dinner?". This would've taken place before the scene where Tina gets built.
    • After Treeflower leaves sadly, Truckee would've arrived back with Eskimos and penguins stuck on his truck from the North Pole and hit Norbert and Daggett with his truck.
    • The scene with Norbert in a shrew disguise trying to trick Treeflower was originally longer.
    • The scene where Norbert and Treeflower apologize for what happened was originally slightly longer.
    • The ending argument between Norbert and Daggett originally took place in the street and not in the dam.
  • This is the final episode of Season 2 to take place in 1996.
    • This episode takes place exactly one year and seven months before it aired.
  • This episode takes place in between "Bummer of Love" and "Long in the Teeth."


  • A theory made on Reddit by a user named KingoftheJungle1993 (a.k.a Antonio) about this episode has been confirmed canon by Micah Wright. The theory is about why Treeflower behaved the way she did in this episode.[2]
  • At the beginning of the episode, Norb reads a letter announcing the birth of Richard Horvitz's eldest son, Jake Elliot Horvitz, who was ironically was born in 1997, before the series premiered. Dag did asked who Richard Horvitz is after hearing the news, which Richard Horvitz is his voice actor.
  • One of the semi-trucks at the weigh station has the word "Lessa" on it, which is a reference to senior producer Michael Lessa.
  • In this episode, Norb and Dag's mailbox reads "The Angry Beavers" on it (a fourth wall break to the title of the show), but in most other appearances it simply reads "The Beavers."
  • This is the only episode where Norbert and Treeflower are not portrayed as boyfriend/girlfriend.
    • This is also the only episode where Treeflower cries.
  • The instrumental version of "I Think I Like You" could be heard in the background while Norb is getting ready for Treeflower's visit.
  • The argument between Norb and Dag at the end of the episode is similar to the one they had in "Bummer of Love".
  • Treeflower says to Norb at the end of the episode that "no matter what happens, she'll always be his friend", however she would later go back on this statement. Given how she ends up being his girlfriend again following the events of this episode[3], and would even get married to him after the events of the series.[4]


  • The episode title is referring to the card "three of hearts".


The image gallery for Tree of Hearts may be viewed here.



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