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Dag decides to throw a party after feeling ignored when Norb wants alone time to build a model.

Episode Summary

A package arrives in the mail for Norbert. It is his "Last Year's Model" model kit. He is eager to start right away and dumps the pieces onto the coffee table. Daggett sees the tiny pieces and thinks Norb could use some help, but Norb declines. Dag suggests that he glue the pieces that Norb puts together. Dag brings out a giant glue gun with a barrel full of adhesive, but Norb points out that the tiny bottle of superglue will suffice. Dag takes the tiny bottle and inspects it, but squeezes the contents into Norb's face. Dag tries removing the glue, but a huge strip of Norb's fur rips off. Norb, fed up, demands that Dag allow him his "me time" to work on his model. Dag agrees and heads off to do something else.

This is short-lived when Dag comes back to the living room without Norb noticing. He makes a makeshift orbiting swing ride out of the ceiling fan and a rope. Norb tries to ignore Dag's whooping and flying around, but after Dag snags a model piece from Norb's hand, Norb can't ignore him. Norb demands the piece back from Dag, but Dag hangs onto it, unaware that the rope is getting caught in the fan's motor. Norb eventually grabs hold of Dag, who returns the model piece. Norb then flings Dag in the opposite direction of the fan blades, making him and the ceiling fan drill through the roof. After Dag falls back through the hole in the roof, he decides he has had enough of Norb ignoring him and leaves. Norb sarcastically states he may miss Daggett, then continues work on his model.

A few hours later, the model is done. Norb tries to show Dag his work, but Dag is nowhere in the dam. Norb heads outside, and hears music, people chattering, and Dag's laughter nearby. He looks up a tall tree and sees that Dag has made a treehouse out of a giant cow billboard mascot. Norb calls up to Dag, and tries to show off the model. Dag responds that he can't talk to Norb because he is having a treetop party with some friends, and since Norb wanted to be alone, he isn't invited. Daggett closes the window on him and continues to party. This leaves Norb feeling rather lonely. Under the pretext of making sure Dag's party doesn't get too wild, Norb decides to sneak in.

Norbert uses some stretchy underwear and four stumps to make a trampoline. On the first attempt, he misses his target and hits the tree, and on the second, he bounces so high that his re-entry puts a hole through the trampoline. Next, he tries using a helium tank. He inflates himself and floats up to the treehouse. Dag approaches from a window and tells Norb to be careful with inflating himself. If he opens his mouth, all the gas will be released. Then, Dag asks Norb for the time, making Norb open his mouth and quickly deflate. He crashes nose-first into the ground. Dag comes down on a makeshift elevator and asks if Norb is okay. Norb lies and says he is playing "hide your nose." Dag wants to play too, and buries his head in the dirt. Norb tells Dag to count to 43,000, and he will come looking, but is really taking the makeshift elevator up to the treehouse.

Norb enters the hollowed out cow mascot to find that there is no one there. There are only lanterns and a cassette player. When Norb plays the tape, it is a recording of a wild party. Dag enters the treehouse, saying that he can't count to 43,000, but realizes he has been found out. Norb confronts Dag about his pretend party, angry that all of his effort and injury was for nothing. Dag counters that having a pretend party was better than having a real brother who doesn't want him around. Norb calms down and admits that he missed Daggett. He adds that the dam isn't the same without Dag's annoying shenanigans, and requests that Dag come home. Dag has a better idea. He cranks up the party music again, and he and Norbert dance together in the treehouse.

Background Information

Production Information


  • Three's Company - The episode title is a reference of the 70's and 80's TV sitcom.


  • At the beginning of the episode, as a mail truck approaches the dam there's a "Moochas Gracias for the Milk" billboard with a very large sombrero-wearing cow protruding from the sign. Later, when Norb's looking for Dag and stops at the billboard, there's a large hole in it. As it turns out, Dag's throwing a "wild party" inside the sombrero-wearing cow.


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