Norbert takes great pride in completing his models and he has completed every release of a certain brand of model. When the new model arrives, Norbert proceeds to work on it, though when he neglects Daggett in the process of doing such, Daggett opens his own tree house club in order to try to make Norbert jealous.

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  • Three's Company - The episode title is a reference of the 70's and 80's TV sitcom.


  • At the beginning of the episode, as a mail truck approaches the dam there's a "Moochas Gracias for the Milk" billboard with a very large sombrero-wearing cow protruding from the sign. Later, when Norb's looking for Dag and stops at the billboard, there's a large hole in it. As it turns out, Dag's throwing a "wild party" inside the sombrero-wearing cow.


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