The great El Grapadura is wrestling and Norbert and Daggett can't wait to go. But before they can make it to the match, they are delayed by Bing, who has been kicked out by his girlfriend Wanda. Norbert consoles a weeping Bing while he gives Daggett the task of bringing Wanda back to her love. Daggett mistakes an alligator for Wanda and almost becomes dinner until El Grapadura comes to the rescue.

Episode Summary

Background Information

  • It's revealed that Bing has a girlfriend named Wanda and Norb has an underground shrine to Treeflower.

Production Information


  • Norb mentions Treeflower's special springy doorstop which she gave to him. [1]
  • A cassette tape containing Barry's hit song, "Oh Baby" is seen among many atop the tape player when Norbert and Bing were plucking flower pedals. [2]


  • An Affair to Remember - While Norb is mourning with Bing, they watch a film called An Affair to Forget. This is an obvious spoof of the 1957 film starring Cary Grant.


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