When Norbert and Daggett go camping, Norbert decides to try to scare his brother by telling him a scary story about the mysterious Hook Creature. However, Norbert soon starts to believe his own story and he becomes paranoid in thinking that the Hook Creature is coming to get him.

Episode Summary


Background Information

  • The song from the episode, "Bug-a-Boo" (the scene where Norbert and Daggett were running away from the cricket in their dam), can be heard again during the chase of the Hook Creature.

Production Information

  • This episode, along with "Specs Appeal" aired on TeenNick's block, "The Splat", on October 26th, 2016 at 12:30am replacing "A Tail of Two Rangers" and "Bye Bye Beavers." [1]



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  • The episode title is a take-off of the phrase "things that go bump in the night".\
  • The Shining - Dag speaking as the Hook Creature with his hooked finger is a reference to Danny bending his finger and saying "Redrum."
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer- The villain being a Fisherman with a Hook for a hand.



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