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Norb and Dag star in a Western episode and face the robotic Kid Friendly.

Episode Summary

Norb and Dag arrive in a Western town, dressed as cowboys. Norb is excited to meet the infamous outlaw, Kid Friendly. Dag has his undies in a bunch and is cranky. But, Norb ignores his brother's mood and goes to explore the town. He notices a bunch of coffins lying around and enters a saloon to investigate. Dag refuses to go, and says he will disagree with everything Norb says and does due to his crankiness.

At that moment, Kid Friendly arrives and introduces himself to Dag. He pulls Dag aside for a "chat." Norb checks out the saloon and sees all the people inside motionless, with giant smiles on their faces. Norb recognizes this as Kid Friendly's handiwork, and runs to warn Dag. But, the Kid is giving Dag a comfy chair and even his favorite sandwich. But, Dag snaps back to his foul mood before he can be killed with kindness. Norb grabs Dag and runs off, but Kid Friendly waddles after them. The beavers escape to a corral, but the Kid has already beaten them there. He presents the beavers with two Hoppity Horse toys, and Norb happily rides his. To his worry, he can't stop smiling. Dag refuses to ride the toy, or smile for Kid Friendly. The Kid brandishes his "Fun Gun" and threatens to shoot Dag, but while he is distracted, Norb straps him to the Hoppity Horse, and sends him bouncing off.

The beavers run off again, but Kid Friendly chases them from building to building. Eventually, they lure him to a school that they have rigged with dynamite. Norb presses the detonator, and the school explodes while the Kid is still inside. But, a metal hand emerges from the rubble. Kid Friendly is revealed to be a robot, and Dag comments on how scary he is. Norb asks why Dag isn't cranky anymore, and Dag says that the explosion unbunched his undies. The beavers flee again, now that Dag is more likely to smile.

Kid Friendly chases them to Tooth Hill, where his victims are buried. The beavers hide behind a tombstone, but the Kid starts blasting the stones apart with his gun. Norb proposes that they run in opposite directions, so at least one of them will escape. The Kid shoots the last tombstone to pieces, and the beavers run away from each other. Kid Friendly merely grins at Dag, then at Norb, causing them both to smile and sweat. Norb notices a shiny plaque from the destroyed headstone on the ground, as does Dag. The two of them pick up the pieces, and face them towards Kid Friendly. The robot's reflection causes him to smile so hard his face unhinges, and he explodes into bits.

Norb and Dag make their escape from the town riding on a pair of cows. But, while they ride into the sunset, the pieces of Kid Friendly turn to liquid, and form a puddle. Kid Friendly rises from the puddle, good as new, and laughs evilly as the episode ends.


Background Information

Production Information

  • Keith Kaczorek, the writer for this episode, co-wrote the lyrics with songwriter Charlie Brissette.
  • The titular character of the episode got his name from the fact that the writing staff received notes to "keep it [the series] kid friendly".[1]



  • Sergio Leone - The trademark closeups of the late Italian film director, producer and screenwriter are used throughout the episode.
  • Westworld - The premise of a Western theme-park with robotic cowboys that turn murderous was taken from the 1973 film.
  • Once Upon a Time in the West - The creaking windmill is taken directly from the opening scene of the 1968 film. A variation of "Farewell to Cheyenne", from the movie's soundtrack, plays throughout the episode.
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Kid Friendly refers to Norbert at one point as "Blondie", the nickname for Clint Eastwood's character in the 1966 film. The "three-way" showdown is a recall to the climax (as well as the one from the film A Few Dollars More).
  • "Rhinestone Cowboy" - After Norb gets on one of the hoppedy horses, he exclaims "I'm a rhinestone cowboy!", which is a reference to the 1975 country song.
  • A Fistful of Dollars - A song similar to the Overture from the 1964 film plays at several points.
  • Hang 'Em High - At one point, Norb says to Dag "Yes way, Dag 'em high...", which is a reference to the 1968 film. Also, one of Norb and Dag's hiding places was inside the Hang 'Em High School.
  • The Terminator - Kid Friendly's true form is similar to that of The Terminator. Everything from the infrared vision and red eye (similar to T-800) to how he melds himself back together (just like T-1000) is taken mostly from Terminator 2: Judgment Day.


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