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The Justice Guys (and One Gal) is a superhero force that Dag and Norb's friends put together in the episode "Muscular Beaver 4." Together, they successfully defeat Toe Bot with the "Shoe of Justice."

Doc Sequoia[]

Doc Sequoia
Stump as Doc Sequoia

Persona: Doc Sequoia
Name: Stump
Description: "Stump: Mild-mannered former shade tree, but when evil takes root, he sprouts into Doc Sequoia."
Physical appearance: Doc Sequoia has black hair, a mustache, and purple skin. His costume consists of a red mask, white lab coat with torn sleeves, blue pants, brown loafers, and a stethoscope.

When Stump dressed up, he wore a mask made from leaves, rubber gloves, and a stethoscope.

Brother Electric[]

Brother Electric
Barry Bear as Brother Electric

Persona: Brother Electric
Name: Barry Bear
Description: "Barry Bear: Velvet-voiced troubadour with his famous snap, uh, you know, he becomes this guy, Brother Electric, supergroovalistic."
Physical appearance: Brother Electric is an African-American with an afro. His costume consists of a red mask, an African necklace, two gold necklaces, yellow shirt with purple and black striped cuffs, a purple and black striped belt with a red buckle, purple and yellow striped pants, red platform shoes, and a leopard print cape.

When Barry dressed up, he wore an afro (which covers his entire face) with purple hair combs, gold necklaces, yellow shirt with purple cuffs, purple belt with a red buckle and "E" in yellow, purple and yellow pants, red platform shoes, and an orange cape with black splotches.
Utility items:

  • Boom box

Goody Good Gal[]

Main article: Goody Good Gal
Goody Good Gal
Treeflower as Goody Good Gal

Persona: Goody Good Gal
Name: Treeflower
Description: "And there's a girl! Treeflower becomes Goody Good Gal who stands up and speaks for her self and, uh, you know."
Physical appearance: Goody Good Gal is a Caucasian with shoulder length brown hair. Her costume consists of a black and purple sleeveless leotard with a crimson "G", a lavender and black tiara, black boots, a black and purple necklace with a blue cord, and a mint green and black cape.

When Treeflower dressed up, she wore a blue tiara with a red and white flower, blue bangle bracelets, a strapless blue leotard with red and white flowers as well as a magenta and red "G", red boots, and a mint green cape, also with red and white flowers.

The Shrew[]

The Shrew
Truckee as The Shrew

Persona: The Shrew
Name: Truckee
Description: "Truckee, the truck-driving shrew, becomes the Shrew. He drives a truck and hits guys."
Physical appearance: The Shrew's costume consists of a yellow mask with whiskers, purple cap with shrew ears and a yellow "S", a crimson body suit with gold wristlets, purple vest, black and gold boots, and a long fake purple tail.

When Truckee dressed up, he wore his trademark hat, yellow mask, purple vest, red speedo, and yellow boots.

Most Potent Bug[]

Most Potent Bug
Bing as Most Potent Bug

Persona: Most Potent Bug
Name: Bing
Description: "And there's Bing! Yes, Bing! And- we'll come back to him later." "And there's Bing... (laughs)" "What's Bing- Bing, get out of here Bing. You're not becoming- you're an idiot. Get off this- wait, he's changing. He's becoming something ugly. What is he? He's Most Potent Bug!"
Physical appearance: Most Potent Bug's costume consists of a green body suit, yellow and red "vest", red shorts, and a red wing-like cape. His yellow face mask, gloves, and boots resembles those like of an insect.

When Bing dressed up, he had two red fly swatters wrapped around his body and wore a cat toy on his head.
Utility items:

  • Most potent sword of potentiness


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