After meeting up with a lizard who's more than willing to share his thoughts, Norbert and Daggett find themselves constantly being spoken to by the lizard. However, after he starts to drive them towards insanity, Norbert and Daggett must find a way to get the lizard to stop talking once and for all.

Episode Summary

Dag gathers different pieces of wood in the forest. As he gathers a roll of birch bark, he is surprised by a small green tree lizard and becomes trapped inside the roll of bark. The tree lizard frees Dag from the bark and introduces himself as Bing. He expresses his admiration of beavers to Dag and asks to hang out, to which Dag agrees. Back at the dam, Bing and Dag race around the living room, greatly annoying Norb as he tries to build a toothpick sculpture of a redwood tree. Though the sculpture soon collapses, Bing rebuilds it even larger, earning Norb's admiration. The two beavers happily celebrate their new friend, wishing that they could stay friends forever.

Three days later, Bing still hasn't left, and Norb and Dag have grown sick of him. Dag tries to ditch Bing by asking him to get more Yahoo and locking the doors after he leaves. Bing, however, manages to come back inside, having copied their house keys. Norb then tries to get rid of Bing by blindfolding him and leading him across the world to an underground cave. Though the two beavers leave Bing there, he still manages to beat them both back home. Finally, they decide to try and find someone else for Bing to cling to.

Norb and Dag throw a huge party, inviting all the animals in the forest. When they bring out Bing to introduce him to everyone, the animals all scream and run away. A dejected Bing tells the beavers that this isn't his first "pass-the-Bing party" and leaves, promising not to bother them again. Norb and Dag stop him and apologize for how they treated him, telling him that they do want to be friends with him, just not 24 hours a day. They tell him goodbye and begin to head upstairs; however, as Bing continues to annoy them, Norb and Dag grab him and tie him to a tree, leaving him there.

Background Information

Production Information


  • Bing, a lizard, seems to have the ability to grow a new tail back after one gets broken off. It's actually salamanders who have this ability.


  • Saturday Night Live - The episode title is a reference to a Saturday Night Live sketch called "The Thing That Wouldn't Leave", where an obnoxious house guest (John Belushi) was oblivious to the numerous hints being dropped by the homeowners that he should leave. That sketch and this episode are also references to classic horror movies of the 1950s and 1960s.
  • The Nutcracker - A piece from "Arabian Dance" is heard as the beavers take Bing across the world in order to get rid of him.


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