When Norbert constantly berates Daggett for being so childish, Daggett decides to give Norbert a taste of his own medicine and he starts to behave as a grown-up, with a unique twist that he feels will show Norbert that he shouldn't tell others to stop being childish.

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  • Dag takes a pair of scissors and snips off some of Norb's long hair which (needless to say) ticks Norb off. Norb then grabs a wig to cover up the portion of hair that Dag cut off, but a few seconds later Norb take off the wig and his hair is magically restored!



  • Casablanca - While Norb is flipping through the channels, he comes across a black and white film with two bunnies standing on the runway of an airport, a spoof of the famous final scene from the 1942 American romantic drama film.


"The Posei-Dam Adventure"
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