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The Angry Beavers, commonly known as The Angry Beavers Pitch Bible, is the pitch bible for The Angry Beavers made in 1995. It contains many concepts originally made for the show, but a lot were not included.


The pitch bible goes over things like the plot of the series, the main characters Stig and Dagget, the setting, the world of the series, etc. It also goes over many characters and episode ideas which would later be scrapped following with the production of the final series.

Differences from the series[]

  • Norbert's character went through major and minor changes.
  • Daggett also has many character changes of his own,
    • Daggett has one "T" in his name, not two.
    • He's described as being more responsible than Stig/Norbert. While not shown throughout the entire series, he has been shown as responsible in "Born to Be Beavers", "A Dam Too Far", "Fakin' It!", "If You In-Sisters," and "Long in the Teeth."
    • He is described as being a "perfectionist", when in reality this is rarely if not ever shown in the series.
  • Norbert/Stig and Daggett were described as having an "unreasonable fear of yodeling". This is never shown once in the series.
  • Stump is described as being a bit of a guilt tripper and a freeloader, when in the series he is none of those things.
  • L.G. Algae is described as being friends with Stump and also "chokes the life out of any party", however this is not shown in "Pond Scum".
  • Characters such as Treeflower, Barry, Bing, Truckee, Leonard, Rose, Stacy, Chelsea, etc. do not exist in this pitch bible.
    • That's because this pitch bible was created before they were.
  • There are many scrapped characters mentioned in this Pitch Bible that were never shown once in the series.
    • Helga and Olga Fistula - Two very large Eastern European lady athletes who are described as "men in bad women's wigs" and having accents as thick as their mustaches.
    • Dr. Deerkiller - An evil dentist who murders animals with his car and hangs them up in his office.
    • Pete Moss - A talking patch of green lichen and friend of Stump.
    • Roger Badger - A pushy, obnoxious, and very muscular badger who bullies Norbert/Stig and Daggett.
    • “Cousin” Bernie - A sewer rat scam artist who always tries to scam the beavers.
    • Several other unknown characters such as a Deer Tick, a Lawyer, and other vermin were described as being Stump's friends.
  • Norbert/Stig and Daggett originally ate strictly wood food, when in the series they have been shown eating human food.
  • "Box Top Beavers" was originally titled "Box Top Toys".
  • "Bug-a-Boo" is slightly different.
    • The episode was originally titled "Cricket In The House".
    • Norbert/Stig was originally the one afraid of the cricket, not Daggett.
  • The original version of "Long in the Teeth" is drastically different.
    • The episode was originally titled "Calling Dr. Deerkiller".
    • The plot was originally about Daggett taking Norbert/Stig to the dentist because good teeth are important for making a good first impression and them having to survive their trip to Dr. Deerkiller's office. The ending was the brothers realizing that they have to come back in six months.
  • The original version of "Guess Who's Stumping to Dinner?" is different.
    • The episode was originally about Norbert/Stig and Daggett meeting Stump and them being guilt tripped into worshiping him and letting him invite his gang over to the dam.
  • The original version of "Beach Beavers a Go-Go" was drastically different.
    • The episode was originally titled "Beach Badger Bingo".
    • The plot was originally about Norbert/Stig and Daggett at the beach being bullied by Rodger Badger and trying to compete him in everything,
  • The original version of "Kreature Komforts" was drastically different.
    • The episode was originally titled "Big City Beavers".
    • It was originally a Season 1 episode.
    • The plot was originally about Daggett bringing Norbert/Stig to the big city to get cultured and being fooled by Bernie pretending to be their long lost beaver cousin.
  • The original version of "A Dam Too Far" is drastically different.
    • The episode was originally titled "Doomsday Beavers".
    • The plot was originally about Daggett wanting to enlist in the military and bringing Norbert/Stig but ends up serving under Roger Badger.
  • Lickedy Splits were originally called "Lickity Splits".


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  • For unknown reasons in this pitch bible, Norbert is referred to as "Stig". Even though in the pilot episode "Snowbound" (which was from 1994), he is referred to as “Norbert”.
    • It's possible that this pitch bible was written before the name change.
  • On June 28, 2023, the pitch bible was leaked alongside many other Nickelodeon production bibles.[1]
  • Dr. Deerkiller was reworked into the characters of Scientist Number One and Pete.
  • There was originally supposed to be short segments that would've aired in between episodes. These shorts were described with the runtime of around 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Among these ideas were:
    • "Beaver Facts": A short segment where the beavers would've discussed facts about actual beavers, both real and fake.
    • "Cooking With Stig": A short segment where Norbert/Stig would've taught the audience about recopies for wood foods.
    • "Dagget's Infomercials": A series of shorts where Daggett would’ve gone over different products, with one of them being titled "Secrets Of Having Your Own Infomercial".
    • "In Search of Ancient Beavers": A series of multiple shorts where Norbert/Stig and Daggett would've talked about many different species of ancient beavers, one of the shorts having the brothers discover a frozen beaver from the Ice Age.
    • Fake Commercials: Multiple commercials for various fictional items such as Wood Goods, Orange Tooth Polish, Lickedy Splits, and more.
  • Norbert/Stig is shown wearing a surgeon's outfit on Page 11. He would later wear one in "Strange Allure".
  • Daggett is shown wearing a cowboy outfit on Page 11. He would later wear one in "The Legend of Kid Friendly".
  • Out of all the episode ideas listed in the pitch bible, "Food of the Clods" went through the least changes.