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The Angry Beavers: Season 3, Part Two is a two-disc set for the second part of season three, which was released August 14, 2012.

Publisher Description[]

The Twins Are Back!

Norbert Foster and Daggett Doofus continue their sidesplitting adventures in this uproariously funny 2-disc collection. When these two wild bachelors take the town, no one will ever be the same! Find out why as you laugh your way through the final 11 episodes of Angry Beavers' hilarious third season!

Includes favorite episodes "Kreature Komforts," "Das Spoot," "Practical Jerks," "Euro Beavers," "Finger Lickin' Goofs" and more!


Disc 1[]

Disc 2[]



  • English


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Main Menu[]

Season 3, Part Two Disc 1 - DVD menu

International Releases[]

  • August 14, 2012 (Flag of Canada, Flag of France, Flag of the United Kingdom)
  • June 5, 2013 (Flag of Australia) (Released as The Angry Beavers: Season 3)

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