When Norbert and Daggett attempt to discover who Stump's best friend is, Stump overhears their conversations and learns the truth about how he arrived in the woods. He heads off in hopes of finding his natural family, though the two beaver brothers soon head off in hopes of convincing their friend to stay with them.

Episode Summary

Background Information

  • Debut of Stump's parents.
  • It's revealed that Stump is a transplant.
  • While looking for Stump, Norb and Dag passes by a sign advertising Gerard Jeep Service, which is a reference to storyboard artist Michael R. Gerard.

Production Information


  • Second episode to have Stump's name in its title. [1]


  • The cook shows Norb and Dag a school out the window that was built by Stump. There's a buzzing noise in this scene and Dag cries out "There's a giant fly attacking the school!" The cook quickly smashes the fly with a piece of chewed gum. The problem is that the fly wasn't seen on the window; the buzzing noise comes from nowhere.


  • Great googly moogly - The "utterance of great surprise", commonly used in blues song, was said by a mayor when a statue of Stump was rolling towards a city.



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