Daggett falls in love with a fishing lure that is stuck on his tail, though the fishing lure is causing all types of fish to try to bite his tail off. In an attempt to reason with his brother, Norbert gives Daggett some advice, though it's up to Daggett to decide if he's willing to part with his newfound soul mate.

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  • The fishing lure switches position from under Dag's tail to the top throughout the episode.
  • Norbert is wearing a surgeon's uniform and Daggett is dressed in 18th century clothing before they roll down the hill. When they roll into the dam, they are not wearing anything like they usually do.


  • The fourth time Norbert breaks the fourth wall for talking at the camera viewer while he's playing golf. [1] [2][3]


  • Daggett tells the famous "Will I still be able to play a violin?" joke after he reenters the dam.


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