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Norb gets a stinky toe. To make things worse, there is no cure for the infection, but Dag attempts to help his brother.

Episode Summary[]

Dag is seen happily running through a field of flowers. He stops to pick a few and smell them, but they turn into a pile of smelly boots in his hands. He staggers through the field, which has transformed into a collection of smelly garbage and body parts, and wakes up in his bed. The smell, however, is still present. Though Norb initially blames Dag's pillow cheese for the smell, the true culprit is revealed: Norb has contracted stinky toe, a rare incurable beaver disease. Norb laments that he'll have to spend the rest of his life alone on a desert island where no one can smell him, but Dag is determined to find a cure.

Dag first tries running Norb through a car wash, though this fails as the car wash is forced to close due to the smell. He then tries encasing Norb's toe inside a large containment device; the device is unable to contain the stink and explodes. Finally, Dag attempts to bombard the toe with a giant bottle of foot powder. Though this at first appears successful, the smell quickly breaks through and Dag flashes back to his earlier nightmare. Suddenly the smell vanishes, and Dag believes his brother to be cured. Norb, however, has given up on finding a cure and has left to go to his desert island.

Dag desperately runs through the city, trying to find a cure for Norb, and stumbles upon Stinky Poo Technologies: The Smell Research Center. Going inside, he is met by Scientist #1 and Pete, who tell him that they too have been unable to find a cure and plan to send all beavers afflicted with stinky toe on a rocket to the end of the universe in 24 hours. Dag works around the clock to try and find a cure, only for all his attempts to fail. With 45 minutes remaining, he gives up and throws the stinky toe sample he was working on in the garbage, which surprisingly eliminates the stink.

Dag races to Norb's desert island in a speedboat, beating the two scientists who are rowing there. He unveils the Stink-O-Matic, a giant blender contraption which drops a concentrated drop of smelly liquid on Norb's toe, curing him of the stink. Norb thanks Dag for curing him, but Dag is unable to hear him. Norb suddenly notices large quantities of earwax dripping from his brother's ear and realizes that Dag has contracted a disease of his own: gunky ear. Norb resolves to cure his brother, as Dag tells him to speak up and repeat himself.

Production Information[]


  • Debut of Pete and Scientist #1.
  • The research center that Dag stumbles upon is Stinky Poo Technologies, which is, in short, means SPOOT. Reference the word "spoot" as it is considered a short of profanity.



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