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This article is about Norb and Dag's sister, Stacy Beaver. You may be looking for her voice actress Stacy Schauer.

Stacy Beaver is a daughter of Leonard and Mrs. Beaver, the younger sister of Norbert and Daggett, and twin sister of Chelsea.


Stacy Beaver appears to be a bit more intelligent than Chelsea, but she gets along with her a lot better than Norb and Dag do.

Physical Appearance

Stacy is an American beaver with blonde fur (and hair in a ponytail), gray eyes, and a light purple nose. She usually wears a pink sundress, white panties, a dark pink scrunchie, a red heart shaped necklace, mint green socks, and purple shoes. Her nightwear consists of a dark red nightshirt with a light blue S on the front, dark red scrunchie, and lavender slippers with a lilac stripe.

Background Information

  • She is named after creator Mitchell Schauer's daughter Stacy, who voiced her in three episodes.
  • Narxa the Thick-Ankled Warrior is her and Chelsea's "favorite person on TV". [3] [4]


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