When Norbert and Daggett's dam gets overtaken by Southern otters after Daggett accidentally leaves the door open, the two must do what they can to regain control of their lives and send the otters packing.

Episode Summary

Background Information

  • A banjo version of The Angry Beavers opening theme was played while Norb and Dag are inspecting the otters handiwork on their dam.
  • When Norbert tries to trick the otters into leaving the dam by calling himself Cousin Norbie after setting up a fake Southern buffet he has the same hair style that he wore in "Dumbwaiters".

Production Information



  • The episode title is a play-on of the word squatter, which is a person "who occupies a building or land without title or permission".
  • The title card is a parody of Grant Wood's painting American Gothic.


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