Norb checks the paper and sees a pair of the Mark 5 Model X-Ray Glasses that he must have! So instead of taking money out of his rich bank account, he goes "halfsies" with Dag and takes all his money! Soon Norb gets the glasses. He puts them on and all he sees is human hand bones. The real X-Ray glasses are invisible, and Dag's wearing them.

Episode Summary

Background Information

  • The first time Daggett is seen as a skeleton when Norbert wears the real invisible X-ray glasses on him.

Production Information


  • The second time Norbert is in the X-ray form of his skeleton (the first being is "I Dare You").
  • The second time Norbert gets zapped which he was hit by the lightning (the first being is "Endangered Species").




"Blacktop Beavers"
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