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Dag and Norb are snowed in, so they try to think of things to do inside.

Production Information[]

  • According to Mitch Schuaer, this episode "got put on a shelf as they [Nickelodeon] wanted to do Hey Arnold" and Rocko's Modern Life.[1][2][3]


  • The greatest difference featured between the test pilot and the actual series is Norbert. Norb is voiced by Mitchell Whitfield instead of Nick Bakay, and is design wise simply a recolored version of Daggett with different eyebrows. Additionally, while he still retains his trademark calm and collected personality, he is also shown to be a great deal more excitable, similar to his brother. Daggett however is almost entirely identical to his finalized self, with the exception of his fur color being slightly lighter.
  • The title of this pilot was later reused for a 2003 episode of fellow Nicktoon, The Fairly OddParents.
    • Although, that 2003 Fairly OddParents episode has a space between Snow and Bound (Snow Bound), unlike this pilot where they're combined into a single word.


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