When Daggett discovers that beavers slap their tail on the water in order to warn others of danger, he abuses his newfound ability for personal gain. Norbert tries his best to get Daggett to stop, though he realizes he may need some help from his father.

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  • When Dag presses on his Dad's stomach trying to make a poo sound, their Dad shouts out "DAGGETT!" Dag pops up saying, "Yes, Papa?" When this happens, Dag's eyes are white when they're actually yellow.
  • When Slap Johnson, Leonard and Daggett are floating away on the lake at the end of the episode, Slap reverted to his younger appearance instead of the present day white-haired elder.

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  • Gibson, Trini Lopez - According to Norb, Slap Johnson was "a beaver who had it all: good looks, a good job and a Gibson Trini Lopez guitar."



"Euro Beavers"
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