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Norb and Dag try to escape their dam full of wolverines without speaking.

Episode Summary

The sun rises in the morning, and Norbert wakes up only to see that a bunch of wolverines sleeping appeared out of nowhere. Norbert went back to his bed, as his brother Daggett, wearing a sleeping mask, goes get a drink of water without even noticing the wolverines. Once he returns, Norbert tells Daggett through sign language that wolverines are carnivores, and they eat beavers, so they need to figure out a way to get out of there.

Daggett suggests trying to cut a hole in the wall, but when he tried that, it only made matters worse. He had to gobble down the eaten part of the wall and all of a sudden, his cheeks turned all puffy, and he had to wheeze them out. Norbert decided to go find a way out on his own, but every time he tries to get to the door, a wolverine always blocks his way. Then, the beavers tried another idea, climbing up the cords of the light up on the ceiling, but to no avail.

Later, Daggett suggests luring a fly with underwear so he can tie it up, and write a help note on it. Unfortunately, the fly was not able to make it because the beavers forgot to open the window. Sometime later, the beavers decided to catapult themselves out of the house by using their beds, once they hit the switch, they ended up flying into space, through rocket flames, and falling back into Earth, and being picked up by a helicopter, and being struck into a cheering audience that throws the beavers a parade for no reason.

The crowd eventually places the beavers back into the house, unaware of the wolverines' appearance. Daggett was SO frustrated, that he tried to say something, but thankfully, Norbert was able to shut him up by shoving a pillow up his mouth. Daggett then writes a little note to Norbert saying "I left the coffee pot on." Finally, Daggett can take it no more, he decided there was only one thing to do, kick the wolverines out of the way while they're sleeping. Norbert's jaw dropped, and he tiptoed away from the wolverines.

It looked like they would get away, but the fly from earlier woke up and flew around the wolverines, thus waking them up, and, without a break, Norbert and Daggett ran for their lives out of the house. Unluckily for them, there were more wolverines outside than inside, which causes the beavers to scream in fear.

Background Information

  • The fans of the football team The Beavers [1] and the bouncer from the outdoor rock festival [2] makes a cameo appearance during Norb and Dag's celebration "parade".
  • Norbert and Daggett do not speak in the entire episode, but they can only scream in many times as they like.
  • When Norbert and Daggett rise up into space out from their dam, it takes place after 2 years in the events of "Mission to the Big, Hot, Thingy", where the beavers became astronauts. Also, they were almost get nearly killed by the Sun after they got crashed by the rocket and falling down to Earth.
  • This is the third episode where the screen cuts in black at the end, while the beavers' scream still can be heard, similar to a cliffhanger in a show. [3] [4]

Production Information



  • In the title card, Norb is only wearing his pajama top.


  • This episode is a parody of The Pink Panther cartoons.



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