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Season 3 of American animated television series The Angry Beavers was created by Mitchell Schauer. The season first aired on March 14, 1999 with the episodes "My Bunnyguard" and "What's Eating You?" and ended on March 18, 2000 with the episodes "Strange Allure" and "Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow."

Season 3 of The Angry Beavers is composed of 22 episodes (44 individual episodes).


# Title Original air date
27 My Bunnyguard/What's Eating You? March 14, 1999
28 Omega Beaver/Bite This! March 21, 1999
29 Spooky Spoots/Up All Night II: Up All Day. The Reckoning March 28, 1999
30 Muscular Beaver 3/Sang 'Em High April 4, 1999
In Winter 1998, Daggett does his typical Muscular Beaver shenanigans when Treeflower saves him from almost falling off a steep cliff. When Norbert finds out about this, he gets angry with both Daggett and Treeflower that she is going along with his brother's delusions. But after Treeflower convinces her boyfriend to go along with it by seducing him, he reluctantly does./Tired of always losing every single argument, Daggett goes to Laverta Lutz for help. She tells him that "the argument's only over if the fat beaver sings." Daggett is then given the power to sing whenever he loses an argument, but Norbert takes advantage of this ability by trying to record him singing.
31 In Search of Big Byoo-Tox/Moronathon Man April 11, 1999
32 The Legend of Kid Friendly/Silent But Deadly April 18, 1999
33 Tough Love/A Little Dad'll Do You June 20, 1999
On the day of El Grapadura's big wrestling match, Bing tells the Beaver Brothers that his girlfriend Wanda left him, leaving him heartbroken. Daggett wants to just leave for the wrestling match, but Norbert convinces him to help Bing feel better by bringing Wanda back to him./Norbert is expecting Treeflower to come over to his house for a date, but is soon visited by someone else. His father Leonard. Daggett is ecstatic about their father seeing them, but Norbert is too worried about both of them interfering with his date.
34 Pass It On!/Stump's Family Reunion August 7, 1999
35 Muscular Beaver 4/Act Your Age August 14, 1999
36 Too Loose Latrine/Pack Your Dags August 21, 1999
37 Daggy Dearest/Dag's List August 28, 1999
38 Mistaken Identity/Easy Peasy Rider September 11, 1999
39 Stare and Stare Alike!/I am Not an Animal I'm Scientist #1 September 25, 1999
40 Norberto y Daggetto en El Grapadura y el Castor Malo/The Loogie Hawk October 16, 1999
41 Kreature Komforts/Oh, Brother? October 23, 1999
42 Das Spoot/Sqotters November 6, 1999
43 Long Tall Daggy/Practical Jerks November 13, 1999
44 Nice & Lonely/Soccer? I Hardly Knew Him! December 11, 1999
45 the End?/Euro Beavers December 31, 1999
46 Slap Happy/Home Loners March 4, 2000
47 Ugly Roomers/Finger Lickin' Goofs March 11, 2000
48 Strange Allure/Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow March 18, 2000