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The second season of American animated television series The Angry Beavers was created by Mitchell Schauer. The season first aired on March 1, 1998 with the episodes "Beaver Fever" and "Same Time Last Week" and ended on November 21, 1998 with the episodes "Sans-a-Pelt" and "Gonna Getcha."


# Title Original air date
1 Beaver Fever/Same Time Last Week March 1, 1998
Norbert and Daggett release a disco hit entitled "Beaver Fever", though when the fame and wealth starts to get to their heads, they become their own worst enemy./When Daggett constantly annoys his brother, Norbert hits him over the head and forces him to go back in time precisely one week. However, when he discovers that Norbert continues to do the same thing every week, he must try to live out the week perfectly in order to prevent his brother from hitting him.
2 Kandid Kreatures/Fakin' It! March 8, 1998
Norbert and Daggett are ecstatic to discover that they were selected to be filmed for a nature documentary, though they aren't too happy when they discover that they're actually being filmed on a show that shows stupid animals./Tired of being forced to do things himself, Norbert fakes an illness in order to try to get his brother to take care of him. However, Daggett soon discovers Norbert's plan and he decides to play his own trick on his brother.
3 Muscular Beaver 2/Stump Looks for His Roots March 15, 1998
Three months after Daggett swore off pretending to be his superhero alter ego, the government decides to blackmail Daggett into once again becoming Muscular Beaver, as there is a giant tree that has been wrecking havoc nearby. However, Norbert discovers that he's also being forced to take on the mantle of Muscular Beaver's sidekick./When Norbert and Daggett attempt to discover who Stump's family is, Stump overhears their conversations and learns the truth about how he arrived in the woods. He heads off in hopes of finding his natural family, though the two beaver brothers soon head off in hopes of convincing their friend to stay with them.
4 Tree of Hearts/Dag for Night March 22, 1998
Taking place in between "Bummer of Love" and "Long in the Teeth," Norbert is hoping to gain another chance at winning Treeflower's affection, as she has recently moved back into the vicinity and he does everything in his power to impress her. However, when she falls for a semi-truck driver Truckee, Norbert must find a way to win her back.


  • This is the first season to have a holiday special.
    • "Gift Hoarse" from Season 1 was a semi-Christmas special, despite taking place on Arbor Day.
  • This season is the last full season to have cel animated episodes.
    • The following Season 3 would have mostly cel animated episodes but would switch to digitally animated episodes.
  • "Tree of Hearts" is the only episode in this season where Treeflower appears in.
  • Only three episodes of this season take place in 1996 (which is when Season 1 takes place), while the majority take place in 1997, and "If You In-Sisters" taking place in 2000. The episodes that take place in 1996 are:
    • "Beaver Fever" which takes place from July 23 - July 27, 1996.
    • "Muscular Beaver 2" which takes place on August 19, 1996.
    • "Tree of Hearts" which takes place on August 22, 1996.
  • This season spanned eight months and twenty days, from March 1 to November 21, 1998.
  • This is the shortest season of the series, having only 25 individual episodes.
  • This is the last season where every episode aired in the same year.
  • This is the first season to not have "The Angry Beavers starring in" in the title cards.
  • Despite this season airing in 1998, it takes place from July 23, 1996 to April 22, 2000.
    • This episode is the second longest season to take place, behind Season 3.