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Laverta Lutz teaches Dag how to win arguments, telling him that "the argument's over when the fat beaver sings." As a result, Dag ends every argument that Norb puts him in by starting musical numbers--until Norb tells him that he actually loves one of the songs and tries to get him to sing it again.

Episode Summary

Laverta Lutz is starting up her giant boat rudder and gets ready to fish on her inflatable boat. As she fishes, Norb and Dag are arguing, although Norb doesn't know what they're arguing about. As usual, Norb wins the argument and says "I just speak gooder than you!" Dag walks out their home taking his anger with him wishing to tell Norb off for a change. His skips a pebble to Laverta's fishing boat which knocks Laverta in the lake. Dag hears Laverta's nasal coughing and recognizes her from the bowling alley. Now named Lady of the Pond, Laverta grants Dag a wish in order to tell Norb off: "The argument's not over 'til the fat beaver sings".

Dag goes back home where he sees Norbert making gelatin-shaped trees and tells Norb he will win over his argument. As Norb makes him angry by calling him a "stoopy poopypants guy", he becomes real fat and humongous and sings a lounge song calling Norb a spoot. Dag turns back to normal after finishing his first song. Norb says he is totally speechless giving Dag victory but taunts Dag on purpose by calling him a moron. Dag gets angry and turns fat again but this time he sings country/Western: "You call me names, and I'll call you more names back". Before the song ends, Norb blocks his ears with socks. As Dag finishes, he becomes get angry again when he sees Norb's ears plugged in.

Norb then calls Dag a "stoopy, poopy beaver" turning Dag fat again but time sings bossa nova in a woman's voice: "I am no stoopy poopy beaver". Dag finishes his song by singing a high note which breaks glass, blows up a roof, and destroys Laverta's boat sinking her in the water. As Dag celebrates his victory, Norb admits that he liked his song and wants to hear it again. Dag says "I can only sing when I'm angry" which makes Norb to call him a spoot-head. Dag gets afraid and turns fat for the last time singing the same song in a woman's voice and singing a high note causing a landslide ending the song.

Norb says "This is a great song!" Dag turns back to normal and is shocked to see Norb bringing equipment to record his song and make millions of money. Dag screams and runs out to find Laverta and tells her what's happening. Laverta, who realizes she's not supposed to be a water nymph, tells him that "It's not who gets the last word in but who gets the first hug. So just sing from your heart and let your brother see the love inside you". Norb sees them and recognizes her as well. Dag does as he is told but he sings off-key which hurts Norb's ears and rockets up the radio Norb is recording off of.

As Dag asks for a hug, Norb asks what Laverta did to him and wishes his brother never sings again. Laverta climbs on the beaver's pier but Norb and Dag take her and toss her into the lake screaming "I can see my boat from here!" Norb and Dag then begins to experience something strange: they have been cursed into modern dancing. Laverta is heard coughing underwater as the beavers continue dancing.


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  • Hang 'Em High - The episode title is a play on the title of the 1968 Western film.


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