When Daggett constantly annoys his brother, Norbert hits him over the head and forces him to go back in time precisely one week. However, when he discovers that Norbert continues to do the same thing every week, he must try to live out the week perfectly in order to prevent his brother from hitting him.

Episode Summary

Bopped into last week

Daggett being bopped into last week.

Daggett wakes up to an alarm clock and then decides he will annoy his brother by using a calendar that tells him what to annoy him with. On Saturday it tells him to "bop him til he bleats". As Norbert watches a movie, Daggett bops him into his seat, ruining the good part. Frustrated with his week long annoyance, Norbert bops Daggett into last week.

Daggett is forced to replay the whole week over like it never happened. He is satisfied, and decides to annoy him just as much as he did last week. On Saturday, knowing he will try to bop him into last week again, Daggett ducks Norbert's punch. However, Norbert throws a second punch that sends him back in time once again. He continues to bug him that week, only not to bother him on Saturday. Sure enough though, he is shown being bopped once again. He decides not to do anything this week. He waits in his bed all week, until Saturday, when he loses his patience, and interrupts Norbert's movie, and gets bopped again.

Daggett finally gets desperate and tries to help Norbert instead of annoying him, although it backfires and he actually annoys him worse. He finally gives up on Saturday and pleads Norbert to just get it over with. Norbert promises not to bop him into last week, so long as he doesn't ruin the movie. Daggett is glad, but he spoils out the ending to Norbert, ruining the movie, and making him angrier than ever. He bops him so hard, that Daggett wakes up in the prehistoric era to find out that his brother is too unevolved to annoy.

Background Information

  • This episode reveals that Dag owns a "365 Ways & Days to Completely, Totally and Fully Annoy Your Brother" calendar.
  • In the phrase "Bop him til he bleats", bleats is likely a censor for bleeds.

Production Information



  • Groundhog Day - The plot of this episode is similar to the 1993 comedy film, where the main character, Phil Connors, has to relive the same day over and over again. Instead of a day, Daggett relives the same week over and over again.


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