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Spawning salmon invade the beavers' lake, and Norb and Dag try to get them to go away.

Episode Summary[]

Dag and Norb are sleeping in the morning when they hear something hitting their house. As Dag opens the window, a school of salmon jumps in. Dag and Norb see a bunch of salmon jumping outside their window. Norb thinks Dag did something to offend them. The salmon start slamming against the house. Dag attempts to fight back with boxing gloves, an umpire outfit, and a football helmet. He is unsuccessful fighting back when he gets hit into the water and then back into the house.

Norb shows that salmon are not one of their natural enemies, so there must be a reasonable explanation for their actions. Dag dresses up as a salmon in order to get near the salmon and capture them. When it goes wrong, he then attempts to dump a truck of cement into the stream. After petrifying all of the salmon in the water, the cement cracks and breaks. The salmon knock Dag into the path of the cement, filling him up with cement.

After all of his shenanigans, Dag and Norb see the news on TV and see that their dam is blocking the salmon from swimming upstream to spawn. Since neither beaver is aware of what the word "spawn" means, Dag tries to explain it as an acronym for "Smashing Property and Womping Norb," concluding that the salmon are after Norb. Norb tries to settle things with the salmon peacefully.

Dag gets in trouble with bears when he brings them to the stream and there are no salmon there. He finds all of the salmon inside the house with Norb settling on a peace accord. Dag thinks Norb's betrayed him, so he sends the bears into the house after the salmon, but finds the bears even making peace with the salmon. Norb tells Dag what "spawn" actually means, convincing him to sign the peace accord. The salmon are able to swim through the house, but after they are done, Dag opens the hatch in the floor, flooding the house with baby salmon.

Production Information[]


  • According to Daggett, "spawn" means "Smashing Property And Whomping Norb."
    • "Spawn" actually means to give birth, so that is why there are many baby salmon in the end.
  • Throughout the majority of the episode, Dag and Norb pronounce "salmon" as "salm-uhn" rather than "sam-uhhn".
    • Also Norbert does pronounce salmon correctly when he says, "Alright Dag, what did you do to those sam-uhhn?"
  • This episode reveals that Norb wears reading specs.


  • When Dag writes "spawn" on the blackboard, he writes "S-P-A-W" diagonally but then suddenly "N" appears without him writing it. There also isn't a blackboard scratching sound to indicate that he wrote it offscreen.
  • When Dag first sends the bears to the lake, there are four bears. But when he sends them into the house, there are only three.
  • Near the end, Norbert has 2 eyebrows.

    Proof Nobert is an alien!


  • Simon Says - The title is a pun on the game where "Simon" issues instructions to the other players to get them eliminated.


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