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Rose Beaver is the wife of Leonard Beaver and the mother of Norbert, Daggett, Stacy, and Chelsea.

Physical Appearance[]

Rose is a normal American beaver with brown fur and hair, light brown eyes, and a red nose. She wears a pink pearl necklace and earrings. In "A Little Dad'll Do You", she wore a light blue apron while working in the kitchen at the Beaver family dam.


Rose was first seen in the first episode, "Born to Be Beavers". She appeared throughout the series after she kicked her sons out of the house.


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  • She picks her toe, snores when she's sleeping, and flosses her teeth with a shoelace that Leonard gave her on their first date. [2]
  • She, just like her husband, have embarrassed Norbert and Daggett before. She did this in “Kandid Kreatures”, where she showed them a VHS copy of their very violent birth. This was also shown in “The Mom from U.N.C.L.E”, where Norbert claims the sweaters she gave him and Daggett were “doofy”.


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