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Retro Essentials

Retro Essentials is a digital DVD released in 2012, it contains four episodes from season one, two episodes from season two, four episodes from season three.


C'mon, big hug, 'cause we're gnawin' down on some classic episodes of The Angry Beavers! So sharpen your teeth and slap your tail, Daggett and Norbert are on a mission to find a cure for the dreaded beaver disease, stinky toe … then the boys try out the easy life as family pets (BORING!), are launched into space to see if they can build a dam in zero gravity, challenge each other to see who's the most fearless, think they've made the cinema discovery of a lifetime - Oxnard Montalvo's unfinished horror film masterpiece, learn about the lure large trucks have for beaver women when Treeflower leaves Norbert for Daggett's arch-enemy, Truckee the truck driving shrew, find out the importance of having all bathrooms in working order, consider a move, and try counseling two feuding couples, Bing and Wanda and their own mom and dad!


8a Mission to the Big, Hot, Thingy

8b I Dare You

9a Stinky Toe

9b House Broken

17a Tree of Hearts

17b Dag for Night

34a Tough Love

34b A Little Dad'll Do You

35a Too Loose Latrine

35b Pack Your Dags