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"Rat Pack Song" is a medley of two songs performed by Rikki the Vermin and Manicoti in the episode "Deck Poops". The song also features a dance number from Ratatat.

Song credits[]


Female Passenger: Look! It's Rikki the Vermin! Hi Rikki honey!

Rikki the Vermin: I'm a rat
Ho! Ho!
As they say that is that
But it's a natural fact
I'm a river rat

I take things
Indeed I do
On a dare and a fling
What I find appealing
Is mine for the stealing

Oh those smart scholar types
Say what you want and need
Are two ideas that never meet
Oh they say they don't meet, but eh, they're scholars

But I tell you
I'm here to say
No matter want or need
I gotta be that way

Hey Manicoti, play something!
Manicoti: Who's calling?
Rikki: Come on! Dismount and join the elite in the cheap seats!
Manicoti: I'll be there Thursday.
Rikki: Okay.

Manicoti: I got what you got
Rikki: Do you now?
Manicoti: I have what you have not
Rikki: You have what I don't?
Manicoti: You don't have what I have got
That's why I get, I got, you have, you have not
Rikki: Hoo! Go, baby, go!

Manicoti: You have, has, had
Rikki: Huh?
Manicoti: You had a lot
Rikki: Now I'm confusedicated.
Manicoti: You get, got, gave
You gave what you got
Rikki: Oh that's sweet
Manicoti: I got you by the seat of your pants

Well, if it isn't our old pally Ratatat-tat!
Rikki: Hey, Ratatinco! Look at the work!
(Ratatat begins to dance)
Manicoti: Hurt me!
Rikki: Yeah he's hurting! Ooh! Oh that's dangerous!

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