Norbert, Daggett and many of the denizens of the local forest decide to get together one night in order to each tell their own campfire stories. However, each individual must continue the story where the previous speaker left off, which causes the story to become more ludicrous as each speaker passes it on to the next.

Episode Summary

Background Information

  • When El Grapadura speaks to Dr. Daggett during Norb's part of the story, the subtitles are in Korean.
  • The instrumental of "Oh Baby" was played during the beginning of Barry's story.
  • During Barry's part of the story, his ship is called the "S.S. Positraction". Positraction is a generic trademark for LSD.
  • Throughout the episode, Treeflower's clothes change. They are as follows: A flannel shirt, a cowgirl, a police officer, a Native American, and an airplane pilot.

Production Information


  • In some scenes of the episode, Treeflower's eyes were brown instead of light blue.



  • James Bond - Norb's part of the story resembles the 007 spy movies.
    • The codename "Double-0 Beaver" is used for the second time. [1]
  • Exploitation - Barry's story is a parody of exploitation films, which emerged in the U.S. circa 1970.
  • Riverdance - Norb and Treeflower's Irish stepdancing and clothing during the dance-off contest resembles those from the theatrical show.
  • Bing's story is like some sort of manic, Saturday morning cartoon.
  • Stump's story is a Scottish black-and-white drama, which is somewhat similar to Shakespeare's play Macbeth.
  • Treeflower's part of the story is an obvious take-off of the magical girl subgenre of Japanese anime, though Norbert takes on the form of Astro Boy.



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