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Norb and Dag, along with their friends, make up a story.

Episode Summary[]

Production Information[]


  • When El Grapadura speaks to Dr. Daggett during Norb's part of the story, the subtitles are in Korean.
  • The instrumental of "Oh Baby" was played during the beginning of Barry's story.
  • Innuendo: During Barry's part of the story, his ship is called the "S.S. Positraction". Positraction is a generic trademark for LSD.
  • Throughout the episode, Treeflower's clothes change. They are as follows: A flannel shirt, a cowgirl, a police officer, a Native American, and an airplane pilot.


  • In some scenes of the episode, Treeflower's eyes were brown instead of light blue.
  • In one frame of when Treeflower is in her Native American outfit, she has sharp teeth like Dag.


  • James Bond - Norb's part of the story resembles the 007 spy movies.
    • The codename "Double-0 Beaver" is used for the second time. [1]
  • Exploitation - Barry's story is a parody of exploitation films, which emerged in the U.S. circa 1970.
  • Riverdance - Norb and Treeflower's Irish stepdancing and clothing during the dance-off contest resembles those from the theatrical show.
  • Bing's story is like some sort of manic, Saturday morning cartoon.
  • Stump's story is a Scottish black-and-white drama, which is somewhat similar to Shakespeare's play Macbeth.
  • Treeflower's part of the story is an obvious homage to several anime titles, one in particular being Project A-ko with a background track that sounds strikingly similar to the track "Explosion" from A-ko's soundtrack. The sub-genre of magical girl anime is also slightly alluded to. Norbert takes on the form of a combination of Astro Boy and Mega Man X.


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