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Norb and Dag go to a haunted swamp full of zombies.

Episode Summary[]

Norb and Dag are sleeping when, suddenly, a flood washes their beds out with them as well. Dag later wakes up and sees a river boat, but goes back to sleep. He wakes up again and realizes they're not home. They arrive at an old swamp house. Dag thinks it's too dangerous, but Norb says he's just imagining things. They walk into the place and see a bunch of zombies. An old woman greets them and introduces herself. She stares at them and realizes they are beavers. She is glad and decides to leave.

Norb decides to have fun and play with the band. Dag freaks out and tries to leave. Norb stops him and says that the people here are probably no different than they are. Norb was wrong! The woman turns out to be a witch, who wants the brothers' teeth for her ultimate voodoo potion. She tells her assistant with an alligator's head to catch them. Dag climbs out and discovers their beds are missing. The zombies have stolen them. Dag runs after the zombies and finally catches them. He orders the zombies to return his teddy bear. Witch says he won't need him any more. Dag asks why, and Witch says because Dag will soon be a toothless zombie.

He tries to escape, but she made voodoo doll beavers. Dag manages to grab them and escape. He tries to tell Norb they're in danger, but he doesn't believe him. But he does when he sees everyone trying to catch them. They run for their lives with zombies trying to grab them. Norb manages to get him and Dag up to their beds. Dag tries to find his teddy, but the witch has it. Gatorman casts a spell on it, and plans to cast one on them. Dag kicks him in the shin, grabs his teddy, and tries to run. The witch tries to stop him, but he kicks her.

Soon the zombies stop the beavers from escaping. Norb sees voodoo zombie dolls and uses them to get rid of the zombies. Norb and Dag finally manage to get out. Dag fears they will never return home. Norb plays his harmonica, which makes Dag move very strangely. Dag realizes it can help them escape. Dag ties vines around himself, Norb grabs them while playing the harmonica, and Dag moves like a speedboat. The witch and Gatorman have a boat of their own and chase after them. While they are moving, the line behind the witch's boat gets tangled in the support beams on the swamp house. They accidentally destroy the house, which causes them to drown. The beavers finally make their escape. Norb apologizes to Dag and puts the dolls away. Dag plays with his teddy bear, which put a voodoo spell on Barry. Every time Dag moves his teddy, Barry moves along with him.

Production Information[]


  • This is the first time The Angry Beavers Theme Song plays in an actual episode of the series.


  • Water, Water Every Hare - The way Norb and Dag's home became flooded during a storm, as well as how their beds were drifted away, is similar to the beginning of the 1950 Bugs Bunny cartoon.
  • "Swanee River" - The instrumental version is heard while the beds are floating down a river in the bayou.
  • "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" - The instrumental version is heard while Norb is throwing voodoo dolls to move the zombies out of the way.


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