Daggett starts to take a sudden interest in a certain brand of comics, which even comes with its own toy that randomly shouts phrases of incoming doom. However, when Daggett takes the toy's threat too seriously, he begins to spread paranoia throughout the forest, which causes Norbert to head off to try to undo the damage that Daggett had dealt.

Episode Summary

During a cold, snowy night, Dag is in a closet opening a package. He pulls out a spinning toy with a face on it. He asks it if they are here yet. He pulls the string and it says, "The Howler Leeches are coming". Dag starts to panic. He pulls the string again and it says, "Send more money. I'll send more stuff", and "I'm your only friend". Dag agrees with him believing that he is the last beaver on Earth. He sneaks into the basement while Norb is busy with his stamp collection. Dag does some construction work which causes a lamp to fall on Norb's head.

Dag is busy building something under a sheet. Norb shows up and asks what's under it. Dag says it's robot beavers, but tells Norb to forget he said that. Norb climbs up and reads the label. He then asks Dag what he bought this time. Since Dag is not speaking, he opens the package himself. It turns out to be a bunch of mops. Dag says that they're robot beavers built to protect them from the Howler Leeches. Dag shows Norb all the evidence and Norb realizes the truth. He says that Dag has been scammed and leaves saying that he's done with Dag.

Before Norb leaves, he wishes that the Howler Leeches would come and eat him right now. Dag believes that Norb was actually eaten and starts to feel regrets. He pulls the string again and the toy says, "The Howler Leeches are coming". Dag runs around screaming. He looks outside his telescope and sees the leeches coming. At first he thinks the leeches can't get by the robots, but they do eventually.

Dag asks the toy what he should do. It says, "Send more money. I'll send more stuff". Dag sends his money in and gets a package. He opens it finds old stale chewing gum. He finds paper that says, "Chew, spit at leeches, repeat". He chews it and finds a hair. He looks out the window and sees a leech. He sees three of them; one each with Barry, Big Rabbit, and Truckee (which he is happy about). They try to get in. Dag throws the gum at them, but it backfires. He manages to lock them outside, but one climbs up on the roof.

Dag asks the toy what he should do now. It says "Send more money. I'll send more stuff". Dag complains, stating that he sent all his money. The toy then says, "Fine Mr. Tightwad. Try counting your pennies when you're leech food buddy". Dag says it talked, and the toy says he didn't and repeats himself. Dag sends a piece of paper that says $1,000,000. He sends it and gets another package. It reads, "Final protection from leeches". The leech falls down the chimney looking for Dag. Dag opens the package and a small dog comes out. It attacks the leech while Dag watches. The leech is revealed to be Norb in a costume, but Dag believes the leech just sounds like Norb. The other leeches break in and get attacked by the dog.

The next morning, Dag is glad to have Norb back. Norb says he was only gone for 20 minutes. Dag says that it felt like forever. Norb gets up to check on their friends. Truckee, Barry, and Big Rabbit are frozen along with the dog. Norb says that Dag froze their friends, but Dag says it was their fault. Suddenly, real Howler Leeches come and take the dog as their pet. While they leave, the dog thaws out and attacks the leeches.

Background Information

  • In the beginning of the episode when Daggett is in the closet, the Mystical 7 Ball from the episode "Lumberjacks' Delight" shows up in the background.
  • Norb and Dag's home address, as shown on one of the packages, is Rte 4 Box 314; Wayouttatown, OR.
  • It's revealed that Norb has a stamp collection.
  • This is the first episode in the title card where the main characters were featured one by one itself. This episode in the title card can be only featured Daggett without Norbert. However, it also happened again in "It's a Spootiful Life" that Norbert is only the one to be featured without Daggett.

Production Information

  • This episode was originally entitled "The Omega Beaver".[1]



  • The Omega Man - The episode title is a parody of the 1971 science fiction film about Robert Neville, a doctor who is the only human survivor of an apocalyptic war who fights off a small army of technology-hating mutants known as "The Family".
  • DC Comics - EC Comics is a rip-off of DC Comics, who make Batman and Superman.
  • Macbeth - The bit at the end of Norb's mini-diatribe is a reference to the William Shakespeare play, where the witches greet Macbeth in Act 1, Scene 3 with "Hail Macbeth, Thane of Glamis! Hail Macbeth, Thane of Cawdor! Hail Macbeth, thou shall be king hereafter!"
  • James Buchanan - A painting of the 15th President of the United States is shown on a viewfinder film. Dag mentions him by name and the fact that he was the only U.S. president to remain a bachelor.



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