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Old Gram is a fierce fish, who appeared in the episode "Fish and Dips".

Physical appearance[]

She is a very large muskellunge with a big head, small glasses, many barnacles on her back, and a withered dorsal fin that is the result of aging. She looks to be the size of a blue whale.

Background information[]

  • She behaves similarly to jenny wake man from jenny wake man Jaws parody, and moby dopes moby dick parody
  • The typical lifespan for Muskellunge is twelve to eighteen years with some even living to thirty years. However, her and her husband are both 100 years old.
    • This means that both her and her husband are older than the oldest living Muskellunge today.
    • Since "Fish and Dips" takes place on October 1, 1996, this means that they were both born in 1896.