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Dag and Norb meet their ugly doppelgangers for a biologically related connection.

Episode Summary[]

Norbert and Daggett watching an old home movie, where Norbert sees that his identical twin brother that isn't Dag. After he expresses that he wished that Daggett wasn't his real brother, Norbert decides to find the individual he saw in the movie. However, he doesn't have to search long, as the individual comes to him. Norbert becomes Byron's new brother, while Daggett becomes Randy's brother, though Norbert starts to wonder if they actually made the right decision when Byron treats him they way he treats Daggett.

Later Byron's computer comes across an error that proves that Norbert and Daggett are brothers, as a brother is someone who you grow up with and loves you. Byron refuses to believe it and thinks he'll never know who his real brother is. Seeing Byron act sad, Randy suddenly speaks to assure Byron that he is his real brother, much to everyone's surprise. Randy's idiotic behavior is revealed to be an act, as he speaks more intellectually and tells Byron that he chose to stay mute when they were born to avoid shattering his brother's ego. Byron is shocked to hear that he is really the idiotic brother, as Randy confirms this.

Production Information[]

  • This episode reuses music from "Long in the Teeth."
  • On the May 4, 2002 airing, this episode was paired with "Same Time Last Week."[1]
  • This is the only episode of the series where neither Norbert or Daggett appear on the title card.
    • Instead, Byron and Randy appear.



  • 2001: A Space Odyssey - Towards the end of the episode, Byron's computer says these words: "A brother is the person whom you grew up with and who looooooooves you. ERROR! ERROR! My mind is going..." ...with the voice warping slightly during the last few words. This is a clear homage to the science-fiction narrative produced in 1968 as both a novel and a film, in which the computer Hal also utters "My mind is going" while "dying."


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