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Beavers (genus Castor) are large, semiaquatic rodents of the Northern Hemisphere. There are two extant species: the North American beaver (Castor canadensis) and the Eurasian beaver (C. fiber). Beavers are the second-largest living rodents after the capybaras. They have stout bodies with large heads, long chisel-like incisors, brown or gray fur, hand-like front feet, webbed back feet and flat, scaly tails. The two species differ in the shape of the skull and tail and fur color. Beavers can be found in a number of freshwater habitats, such as rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. They are herbivorous, consuming tree bark, aquatic plants, grasses and sedges.

In The Angry Beavers, the titular characters Norbert and Daggett are North American Beavers. The Angry Beavers was inspired from Schauer's early years in Oklahoma when he was homeless and often spotted beavers in a nearby river. The initial concept of the show centered on two bad-tempered, politically incorrect beavers that hated anything that was a fad, cause, or just popular in the media. "I tend to develop things that are counterculture", stated Schauer. "I like to buck whatever is popular at the time or considered society's way of doing things, because you get more interest when you stand outside the box". Schauer was against making the beavers cute, as a response to many of the "soft, safe" character designs at the time.


Beavers are active mainly at night. They are excellent swimmers and may remain submerged up to 15 minutes. More vulnerable on land, they tend to remain in the water as much as possible. They use their flat, scaly tail both to signal danger by slapping the surface of the water and as a location for fat storage.

They construct their homes, or "lodges", out of sticks, twigs, rocks, and mud in lakes, streams, and tidal river deltas. These lodges may be surrounded by water, or touching land, including burrows dug into river banks. Beavers are well known for building dams across streams and constructing their lodges in the artificial ponds which form. When building in a pond, the beavers first make a pile of sticks and then eat out one or more underwater entrances and two platforms above the water surface inside the pile. The first is used for drying off. Towards winter, the lodge is often plastered with mud which, when it freezes, has the consistency of concrete. A small air hole is left in the top of the lodge.


The characters that belong in this Phylum are:


Many of the beavers in the series have exaggerated designs from that of real beavers. They all have large pointy noses, black stick-like paws, a square body, and are as short as real life beavers standing upright.


  • There are many facts about beavers that did end up getting into the series.
    • When Beavers have a second litter, the first litter leaves and builds a new dam.[9]
    • When Beavers hear running water, they instinctively try to build a dam around it.[10]
    • Beavers always chew on wood to prevent their teeth from impaling their brain.[11]
    • They have nictitating membrane on their eyelids to help them see underwater.[12][13]
    • Beavers are monogamous, meaning when they find a partner they stay with them for life.[14]
    • Beavers spray musk from their tails to mark their territory.[15]
    • Beavers slap the surface of water with their tails when threatened.[16]
  • The only two characters that are beavers that never made an appearance in the series are Norbert and Treeflower's daughters Lily and Petunia.