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Norbert and Daggett's dam is the current residence of Norbert and Daggett Beaver and a major location in the series. The dam first appeared and was first built in "Born to Be Beavers." The dam is three stories high and fully furnished.


The dam was built at the near end of the first episode titled "Born to Be Beavers," as it was constructed after Norb and Dag crashed an abandoned tow truck into a bunch of logs and random objects and ended up falling into the pond that it currently resides in.


Living Room[]

The main room of the dam takes up most of the ground floor and is the center of the boys' activities -- especially the part with the couch and TV. Beaver life seems to revolve around these two furnishings, as well as the room’s "Entertainment Center." There's several built-in shelves holding a bulky but-functional, '70s-style "hi-fi" set, along with numerous videos and 8 track cassettes. The boys love their 8-track cassettes. It's part of that real "with-it" zest they have for retro entertainment. Besides 8 tracks, they dig sci-fi flicks from the '50s, pop music from the '60s, and TV shows from the '70s. Apropos of this, the karaoke machine gets far more use than the PC Computer (which has yet to play a significant role in any episodes).


This is the next most important room in the house. Although it has the same improvised, makeshift quality as every other room in the dam, it also features a working refrigerator and microwave oven for those late-night lumber snacks.


The boys sleep in canoe bunk beds, one canoe "bed" suspended over the other on a wood frame. Dag's on the top bunk, Norb on the bottom.


There's one upstairs, and one downstairs, and they both have that unique beaver decorative flair. For instance, the downstairs bathroom has a life-raft bathtub, while the upstairs room has a shower made from an old outhouse.


This vast chamber can be the setting for any outlandish, indoor spectacle. It's a room of almost limitless possibilities -- none of which Dag would ever have the patience to realize. But Norb is a different story. He can take Dag on a sophisticated theme park style ride he's built down there called "The Hall of Beaver History," in which the boys float in a dugout log past elaborate dioramas of Beaver historical events.

Guest Bedroom[]

There was a guest bedroom that only made one appearance in "Kreature Komforts."

Instances of Destruction[]

Note: This list is not yet complete. More will be added later on.

  • "Up All Night" - Norbert and Daggett completely wreck the inside of the dam throughout the episode as a result of their tiredness.
  • "Long in the Teeth" - The roof gets destroyed by Daggett after using plant food to grow his teeth to be longer.
  • "Stinky Toe" - The dam gets blown up from the inside.
  • "House Broken" - The dam collapses in on itself.
  • "Food of the Clods" - Norbert destroys the living room after being hypnotized from spicy snacks.
  • "Fakin' It!" - The roof was destroyed by Daggett bringing one of the moons from Jupiter down on it.
  • "Muscular Beaver 2" - The roof was torn off by Scientist #1 and Pete.
  • "Another One Bites the Musk" - The dam was sunk into the pond because of Norbert and Daggett's musk.
  • "The Mighty Knot-Head" - The dam was placed on a roasting spit over a fire by The Mighty Knot Head tribe at the end of the episode.
  • "Pond Scum" - The dam fell down Stupidly High Falls at the end of the episode and was presumably destroyed in the process.
  • "Utter Nonsense" - The dam gets exploded at the end of the episode.

Background Information[]

  • The dam was featured in "Snowbound" but with a different design.
  • A Drink Yahoo! digital clock is located in the living room.



The dam has appeared in all but a few episodes of the series. The episodes that it does not appear in are as follows: