The Angry Beavers Wiki

-Recurring catchphrase

"They didn't kick us out. We were the first litter and mom had a second litter. It's the beaver way!"
-Norbert's first lines to Daggett in "Born to Be Beavers"

"Knock yourself out, dollface."
-Norbert to Treeflower in "Long in the Teeth"

"Yes I promise I won't bop you into last week as long as you don't ruin my movie!"
-Norbert to Daggett in "Same Time Last Week"

"The only way to beat a wacko beaver who believes he's a superhero is to become a wacko beaver who believes he's...a supervillain!"
-Norbert in "Muscular Beaver"

-Norbert in "Fish and Dips"

"Oh-ho-ho! Sorry's not good enough, Dag. You've done the worst thing a bro-ther, can do to his bro-their! Now I have NO CHOICE! OH it may not be today! It may not be this year! But when YOU least expect it...I'm. Gonna. Get. You. Back!"
-Norbert threatening Daggett in "Gonna Getcha"

"Dag...I'm surprised at you! A big, manly, hairy-chested beaver like you unable to dam up a teeny meanie like that? If the commander could see you now...Puh!"
-Norbert to Daggett in "A Dam Too Far"

-Norbert in "Moby Dopes"

"You know some people actually go to football games to kick back and have a little fun."
-Norbert in "Go Beavers!"

"My brother needs me! This is no time for golf! (pauses for a second) Oh what am I saying?! FORE!"
-Norbert in "Strange Allure"

"Hey, Daggy-O! I'm back! How 'bout a juicy little cocktail weenie?"
-Norbert in "A Dam Too Far"

"European Beaver-azo's don't retwig the dams, eh...they do not have dams. They burrow in the riverbanks and save their ener-gy for the higher pursuits."
-Norbert in "Euro Beavers"

"You fool! Didn't you realize...I just traveled at the speed of light, gently jimmied open your head, took out your brain, disabled it's mind-numbing powers, and returned to your skull before you even noticed!"
-Norbert in "Muscular Beaver"

"Wow...Dag's gone. You know, right now he's on my nerves but...maybe someday I'll miss him. (pauses, then laughs harshly at this) Bahahahaha! Right! Hahaha!"
-Norbert in "Tree's Company"

"Just pretending I'm a farm animal. (neighs like a goat)"
-Norbert in "You Promised!"

"I gotta flip some jive and lay down a vibe with some hep-rads."
-Norbert in "Long in the Teeth"

"Man you are so square, you must be from Squaresville, man!"
-Norbert in "Long in the Teeth"

"My friend...I have found...the perfect pre-fabricated wooden structure for our bachelor pad!"
-Norbert in "Born to Be Beavers"

"Don't worry, babe. You'll knock 'em dead, just believe in yourself. You know I do..."
-Norbert comforting Treeflower in "Bummer of Love"

"Well look who's here! It's Mr. Happy Pants."
-Norbert referring to Daggett in "Born to Be Beavers"

"Give me one good reason why this isn't the ideal place to crash."
-Norbert in "Born to Be Beavers"

"Aloof snort."
-Norbert to Treeflower in "Tree of Hearts"

"All we have to do is find someone else for Bing to cling to."
-Norbert in "The Bing That Wouldn't Leave"

"You. No. Make. Sense."
-Norbert in "Fish and Dips"

"You disgusting, poo-poo headed, TRIPLE SPOOT, SCUZZBARAMA! I WAS ALMOST ASLEEP!"
-Norbert angrily yelling at Daggett in "Up All Night II: Up All Day. The Reckoning"

"In the wrong hands, spunk can be a dangerous thing."
-Norbert in "A Dam Too Far"

"I was wondering, pondering, contemplating, speculating if you couldn't possibly, maybe, feasibly, conceivably...GO PLAY SOMEWHERE ELSE!"
-Norbert in "Ugly Roomers"

"Your American ambition annoys me."
-Norbert to Daggett in Euro Beavers

"Think of your dear old mother wearing bologna shoes and corrective headgear! Sure she thinks small animals nest in boxes of tapioca pudding left under the yum yum tree too long, but that’s the way she was raised mister! RUB THAT ON YOUR THIGHS, MR. MOTO, AND SEE HOW FAR IT’LL GET YA!"
-Norbert in “The Loogie Hawk