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Norbert Foster Beaver is the oldest son and child of Leonard and Rose Beaver, and the older brother of Daggett, Stacy, and Chelsea. He is also the boyfriend/future husband of Treeflower, as well as the future father of Lily and Petunia Beaver.[2]

Physical Appearance[]

Norb is an American beaver with blond fur, light brown tail, and a light purple nose. His hairstyle is not static, and he varies it for special occasions or as the plot demands. Throughout the series, Norb is often seen wearing small eyeglasses for reading, hinting that he may have inherited some vision problems from his father. He gets his face from his mother and his fur, nose, and tail color from his father.

His nightwear consists of a golden yellow shirt with a purple N and stripe on the collar and sleeves and purple pants with golden yellow pinstripes.

His swimwear is a black speedo.

In the beginning of the episode "Beach Beavers a Go-Go", he wore a pink Hawaiian shirt with medium purple triangles.

After meeting Treeflower, Norb would occasionally dress as a hippy, specifically when she visited [7] or while thinking of her. [8] This outfit consisted of a brown fringed jacket, a purple and blue zigzag headband, brown sandals, small round sunglasses and a tie-dyed tail. He also wore a chain around his neck with a special springy doorstop that he received as a gift from Treeflower. [9]

For winter, his outfit consists of a blue knit hat, a green sweater, blue mittens, a red-white-and-blue striped scarf, blue pants, and white boots. [10]

Whenever he plays soccer, his uniform consists of a black and white striped shirt with a red stripe on the sleeves and collar, black shorts, white gloves, and red cleats. [11]

In the pilot episode "Snowbound", Norbert had a different character design very similar to Dag. He was re-designed so that the two beavers could be told apart more easily.


Norbert (often called Norb or Norby) seems more relaxed than his younger brother, but most of the time he's just being lazy. His laziness could be a result of never having to work hard for anything due to being intelligent and having a lot of unearned advantages over Daggett, which could also explain his narcissism. He's only older than Daggett by four minutes [12], but Norb usually takes advantage of this and bosses Dag around. Norb also enjoys abusing Dag in ways such tricking him into getting himself into trouble or to make him look like an idiot or even hurt.

Biiig hug!

"Come on, big hug!"

Norb mispronounces words on purpose to sound cool. On the rare occasions Norb gets along with his brother, he will give him a big bear hug and say "Big hug!", even though he knows that Dag hates it.

Despite being mostly mellow, he cares more about what other people think of him than Dag does. He also tends to panic and lose his self-confidence the moment he notices Daggett manages to outperform him in any way. When this happens, he tends to desperately go through great lengths to come out on top again. This is best shown in the episode "Un-Barry-ble", where Norbert becomes utterly horrified at the fact of Daggett being cooler than him. As a result, he started acting like Daggett in a desperate attempt to be as cool as him. A similar thing happened in "Long Tall Daggy", where he became very uncertain of himself after he noticed that Daggett has become taller than him, despite Daggett being his younger brother. He immediately started trying out all sorts of insane methods to make himself be taller than Daggett.

While Norbert is an absolute jerk, he does have a more sophisticated side and is a great lover of the arts. This is best seen in the episode "Euro Beavers". He also seems to enjoy playing classical music, as shown in "Un-Barry-ble", "Slap Happy" and "Three Dag Nite". In "Nice & Lonely", it has also been shown that he likes origami.


Norbert can be somewhat understanding and compassionate at times. An example of this is in the episode "Gift Hoarse," in which after seeing Daggett get a measly pine tree air freshener for Arbor Day (a crummy gift compared to the massive toy train set Norb got), Norbert actually offers to give his brother his much better gift in exchange for his pine tree air freshener, although that is a rather oversimplified solution to what is clearly emotional abuse. Another example of this is in "Bummer of Love" in which at one point Treeflower expresses her stage fright to him and tells him that she's scared. After hearing this, Norbert relieves his girlfriend's worries and calms her down by calling her "babe" and telling her that she should be positive about the performance. Deep down, he actually cares about his younger twin brother very much as shown in episodes such as Enter the Daggett where he paid the neighboring animals not to hurt the latter if he tries to pick a fight with them.

Norbert is also a ladies man, as if this wasn't already apparent with his romantic relationship with Treeflower. Examples include "Born to Be Beavers", in which during his temporary residence inside the Hen House, he addresses all of the hens as "ladies" and treats them as actual women. Another example is in the episode "Beaver Fever," in which during the scene where Norbert and Daggett argue over who's song it is, Norbert can be seen surrounded by human women on the couch (all of which are fangirls that Norbert would never want a romantic relationship with). Another example is in the episode "Beach Beavers a Go-Go", where multiple human women all admire him for his volleyball skills and his musical/singing skills. This has always been attributed to his charismatic and laid-back persona. However despite the many women that admire him, Norbert would never want to be in a committed romantic relationship with any of them as he is already in a relationship with Treeflower and would never be with anyone else besides her.


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Norbert is an intelligent and somewhat athletic beaver, and therefore has many talents. Such as:

  • Dam building: Norbert is a master at dam building and can produce a very large fully furnished dam in a short amount of time. An example of this is in "A Dam Too Far," in which Norbert has little to no trouble at all building his dam for The Big Happy, but that is also due to The Big Happy not trying to kill him like The Little Meanie.
  • Science: Norbert has been shown to have a good understanding of science, as shown in episodes such as "Guess Who's Stumping to Dinner?" and "Moby Dopes."
  • Hairstyling: He is a very nice hair stylist, as shown in episodes such as "Too Loose Latrine".
  • Football: As shown in "Go Beavers!," Norbert is good at playing football, as he takes on many roles such as referee, coach, and also sports commentator.
  • Musical abilities: Like Daggett, Norbert has demonstrated exceptional musical ability. He's an excellent singer as shown in episodes such as (“Beach Beavers a Go-Go” , “Bummer of Love”, “Beaver Fever” , “Sans-a-Pelt” , “Stare and Stare Alike!”, etc.) and can play various musical instruments including:
    • The guitar (“Beach Beavers a Go-Go”, “Un-Barry-ble”, “Euro Beavers”, and “Three Dag Nite”)
    • The tambourine (“Bummer of Love”)
    • The piano (“Sans-a-Pelt”)
    • The harpsichord (“Three Dag Nite”)
    • The harmonica (“Open Wide for Zombies”)
    • The violin (“Three Dag Nite”)
  • Nuclear warfare: Norbert has made nuclear bombs before as shown in “All in the Colony”, where he made a large beaver shaped bomb to get rid of Daggett’s termites once and for all.


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  • According to Mitch Schauer, in his idea for the possible revival titled The Angry Beavers: ReSpooted, he would be married to Treeflower, and have two daughters with her named Lily and Petunia Beaver.
  • Norbert is based off of Mitch Schauer, as states in a 1996 interview.[13]
  • He is a bed biter. [14]
  • He loves sucking the filling out of jalapeno peppers. [15][9]
  • He does not like eating baklava.[16]
  • According to The Angry Beavers pitch bible, Norb's original name was "Stig".[17][18]
    • In an earlier piece of concept art, his name before that was “Slack”.
  • In the episode "Bye Bye Beavers," Norbert was referred to as Salem multiple times by Daggett. This is obviously a reference to the fact that Nick Bakay voiced Salem Saberhagen in the 1996 Sabrina the Teenage Witch TV sitcom and Sabrina: The Animated Series.
  • He and Daggett are the only two characters to appear in every single episode of the entire series.
  • His hairstyle got thicker throughout each season.
  • In the GBC Version of Nicktoons Racing, he and Daggett's names are mixed up.
  • His favorite song is "Patches" by Clarence Carter.[19]
  • When asked which beaver is harder to draw, Mitch Schauer stated Norbert was due to his hairstyle.[20]
  • He and Daggett’s horoscope is Pisces.


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