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Daggett Beaver[]


Norbert and Daggett's first moments of the series.

Norbert and Daggett Beaver are brothers born four minutes apart, and as with most pairs of siblings, they have sibling rivalry between them. Their relationship in particular crosses the line between rivalry and abuse, with Norbert being the one in power. Norbert does care about his brother to an extent, though he doesn't seem to love Daggett as much as Daggett loves him. In "Born to Be Beavers," Norbert agrees to help Daggett build a dam for them to live in, but after the two get into an argument due to Norb's laziness and go their separate ways temporarily. Norb decides to live in a hen house and Dag finds him and after almost getting caught by a farmer, they hide in a truck. Norbert agrees to help Daggett build his dam if it meant that much to him, and him and his brother decide to relax in the truck. However, the truck goes flying into the road and crashing into many things, resulting in the construction of Norbert and Daggett's dam. Norbert and Daggett then realize that in order to get the job done, they must relax and Norbert gives Dag a big hug thus ending the episode.


Treeflower kissing Norb

Treeflower kissing Norbert on the cheek

Norbert and Treeflower are boyfriend and girlfriend and both love each other very much. In the episode “Bummer of Love,” him and Treeflower meet at an outdoor rock concert and instantly fell in love with each other. They spend their first moments together sharing a romantic moment by eating stuffed jalapeños and watching the fireworks and also singing a song titled "I Think I Like You," which was performed by her band The Friendly Chartreuse Bubblegum Machine. Norbert convinces them that they should go on stage and they would enter by swimming to the concert so they don't get noticed by security. Once they get on stage, Treeflower becomes worried and Norbert reassures her, and then she gives him a doorstop as a reminder that the door to her heart is always open for him, followed by a kiss on the cheek that lasts an entire three seconds. Norbert then announces the band to everyone, which everyone cheers for. A few hours later, after playing music for the concert, Treeflower gives Norbert a flower and kisses him on the cheek once more. The next morning, Treeflower leaves and left Norbert a note talking about how she really enjoyed meeting him the day before and how she hopes to see him again.

NorbFlower in "Tree of Hearts"

Treeflower and Norbert's first time seeing each other again

In "Tree of Hearts," she has a short lived crush on Truckee. However, the fact that she had feelings for him and not Norbert broke his heart and during the course of the episode, he and Daggett try getting her back with Norb. Their first attempt is to lure Truckee away while Norbert ignores her to get her attention. When Treeflower wants to ask him something, Norbert believes that she is going to ask something relating to him. This assumption is proven false when Treeflower instead asks his the whereabouts of Truckee, which he has no knowledge of. Then their second attempt is to try to make Treeflower jealous by making a fake girlfriend out of junk for Norb. Then their final attempt is to have Norbert imitate Truckee, which Treeflower finds out that it's him almost instantly and becomes upset with him. After finding out that Truckee doesn't love her and instead loves his truck Big Renee, she starts crying because she was so foolish. Norbert apologizes for everything that happened, which Treeflower admits that she was kind of jealous of Tina. And then she says to Norbert that despite what will happen, they will always be friends, which Norbert gladly agrees.

However, she went back on this statement given in how Treeflower's romantic feelings for Norbert have rekindled since after the events of this episode.


Treeflower and Norbert's first interaction in the series

In a majority of the episodes she is featured in, she always addresses him as "Norby," which is her affectionate nickname for him. This happens in "Long in the Teeth" (an episode that aired before "Bummer of Love" but takes place two months after), where Treeflower admires his long teeth and asks him if she can touch them, to which he allows. Treeflower then rubs his teeth and becomes aroused, saying he gives her "chills." This also happens in "Bummer of Love," in which she calls him "Norby" during the last few verses of their song together.

This happens again in "A Little Dad'll Do You," when she calls him "Norby" in front of his father, Leonard. This shocks Leonard and prompts him to ask his son if they are in a relationship, which causes Norbert to stutter and Treeflower starts blushing. She also calls him "Norby" again right before she leaves the dam.

NorbFlower in "Muscular Beaver 3"

Treeflower seducing Norbert

In "Muscular Beaver 3," Norbert gets jealous that Treeflower is going along with Daggett's delusional alter ego, Muscular Beaver. She tells him that she was helping Daggett by playing along with his alter ego so he wouldn't hurt himself while he's sick. After seeing that Norbert is jealous, she asks Norb in a seductive manner to join them so that Dag will feel better and also to at least do it for her, which Norb ends up reluctantly agreeing to do. In "It's a Spootiful Life," she praises his film Citizen Norb and flutters her eyelashes to her boyfriend while giggling lovingly. In the same episode, Treeflower and him are in a married relationship in an alternate universe where Daggett was never born and everybody's lives were better.

According to series creator Mitchell Schauer, he and Treeflower are in fact an official couple. Furthermore, in his concept for a possible revival of the series titled The Angry Beavers: ReSpooted, he actually gets married to Treeflower and has two daughters with her named Lily and Petunia Beaver.


Norbert and Bing are good friends and first met in the episode, "The Bing That Wouldn't Leave." At first, Norb and Dag liked having Bing around all the time, but after three days they became annoyed with him and wanted to ditch him. Norb and Daggett both try different ways of ditching him, such as sending him to get Yahoos and locking him out of the house, blindfolding him to get pirate bones in a cave, and finding someone else for him to cling to, but none of them work. A dejected Bing tells the beavers that this isn't his first "pass-the-Bing party" and leaves, promising not to bother them again. Norb and Dag stop him and apologize for how they treated him, telling him that they do want to be friends with him, just not 24 hours a day. They tell him goodbye and begin to head upstairs; however, as Bing continues to annoy them, Norb and Dag grab him and tie him to a tree, leaving him there. Ever since the events of that episode, they've been good friends.


Norbert and Truckee are usually on good terms with each other. Their relationship is the exact opposite of Daggett and Truckee's where unlike their aggressive and hateful relationship, Norbert and Truckee are seen not minding each other and get along quite well. In "Pack Your Dags", as Norbert looks at the framed photo of him and Daggett, he lists off all the people he’ll miss if they move away with Truckee being one of them. In "It's a Spootiful Life", Truckee compliments Norbert’s film Citizen Norb along with all their other friends.

However they can be enemies sometimes. This is prominent in "Tree of Hearts", where Treeflower has a temporary romantic interest in Truckee which makes Norbert very upset. He also refers to him as "spoothead" at one point in the episode. It's also shown in "The Posei-Dam Adventure" where at the end of the episode, Truckee steals all of Norbert's belongings because all of Daggett's belongings were nailed down to prevent him from stealing. In "Pass It On!", Norbert (along with Treeflower) get irritated with Truckee for changing the subject of the campfire story they were telling causing Truckee to reluctantly get back on track. A smaller example of this is "Enter the Daggett", where it was revealed that Norbert paid Truckee a dollar not to fight Daggett.